Can The Vision Statement of Companies Change To a Purpose Statement?

Neda Ali (Editor)

25th Feb'21
Can The Vision Statement of Companies Change To a Purpose Statement? | OpenGrowth

If you're developing a business or organization, assuming a direction and establishing goals is critical to your success. Creating a mission or vision statement that's distinctive to your venture enables your business or organization to move ahead. As your organization develops, you might feel tempted to shift your mission or vision. However, mission or vision statements illustrate your organization's foundation, so the transition should be kept to a minimum.

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Why, When and How to Change Your Mission Statement

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mission or vision


What comes first mission or vision?

Mission and vision statements interpret the foundation of an organization or business. As the organization or business evolves, you might include additional elements into your mission or vision statement. This might include the establishment of your present goals or broadening your audience. 

A Mission statement interprets the overall purpose of your organization or business. Statements are brief and answer key questions about your company or organization, whereas Vision and mission statements are often used interchangeably, but distinctions exist. A mission statement describes what an organization or business does and a vision statement describes what an organization or business wishes to accomplish as a result of specific actions.

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What comes first VISION OR MISSION?

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Mission vs Vision

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Which Comes First: Vision Or Mission?

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Is Purpose Statement The Same as Vision Statement?

Vision is how the world glances when you’ve achieved your mission as an institution. It’s a long-term goal, an end state, but it still requires to be clear, driving, timely and timeless, and radically favorable. Whereas, a company Purpose statement is why you do what you do. From an organizational perspective, purpose works best when it conveys your “why” as an institution, which in turn supports your employees and stakeholders to relate their purpose to yours.

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The Difference Between Purpose, Mission, and Vision

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The difference between Mission, Vision and Purpose

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