10 Challenges of Starting Your Own Business

Sunny Samanta

23rd Jun'21

The idea of starting your own business is always a fascinating one. To be one's own boss is amongst the greatest of achievement as far as my opinion is concerned. It is like running your show, a theatre, a liberating act, or anything that encompasses freedom. It is one idea I believe everyone has in common. However, not everyone can live through it because of the challenges associated with starting your own business. Maybe, this is why being an entrepreneur is not everyone's cup of tea. However, entrepreneurship can be a good career choice depending upon how well one can adhere to the fundamentals and challenges associated with it.


10 Challenges of Starting Your Own Business

The basis of starting one's own business erupts mostly from a great business idea. However, it takes a lot to turn that idea into something worthwhile practically. For instance, Entrepreneurs have proved time and again that you can start your business provided you are up for these ten challenges below. 




1. Maintaining Cash Flow

Cash flow is a vital component for every business and startup. Many entrepreneurs struggle to pay the bills to keep their businesses alive and kicking. Cash flow is one of the prime reasons why many businesses fail in their first year itself. Setting up vital essentials to hiring the bare minimum employee cash is needed at every step of the business development.


Cash flow


2. Hiring Employees

We all must be aware of how prospective candidates dread job interviews. But do you know who dreads the more over the same? It is the entrepreneurs or the small business owners. The hiring process is another important challenge that every entrepreneur should deal with carefully. From conducting interviews to reviewing resumes to shifting through the unqualified candidate, the entire hiring process can be time consuming and might take several days. Even then, it would be best if you were sure of the offer package being attractive enough to get the best people on board.


3. Time Management

We just read through how much of a time the hiring process alone can take. Consider all the work an entrepreneur usually has to oversee. An entrepreneur has often done many hats from time to time to meet goals and targets. It is because they understand the value of time management. Time is like money when it comes to starting your own business. You cannot take either for guarantee.




4. Delegate Task

Entrepreneurs and small business owner often delegate or outsource tasks to meet deadlines and work efficiently. In fact, outsourcing has grown in demand in recent times due to the rise in entrepreneurship. While outsourcing can save you some convenient time in exchange for a manageable amount of money, there can be problems with it. It is possible that sometimes the delegated task gets messed up and you will have to redo the entire task in less time than you had at the beginning. It means not only you lost some crucial time, you even lost some good money. So, these are the possible scenarios that you must be aware of while starting your own business.


Raise Capital


5. Raising Capital

One of the popular ways to fund a business and avoid a cash crunch situation is to raise capital for your business. Since you are the entrepreneur or the business owner, it is, primarily, your responsibility to raise capital for your business as nobody else but you knows the entire idea behind your business set up. As a result, you can tell the best story to convince the investor to invest in your business or company.


6. Find Your Marketing Strategy

The marketplace is highly competitive today, both online and offline. Also, with every passing day, the competitiveness will only increase. Therefore, having an excellent product and service is not going to be enough. You will have to devise an effective marketing strategy to maximize your return on investment. What makes this part more challenging is that you, least likely, will have no room for experimentation.


7. Business Growth

While you have started your own business and run it for a while, there will come a time when you have to make changes. A business can only grow much with the same tried and tested strategy. Unless one is okay with the current state of their business, they constantly will have to seek business growth. And business growth is never easily attainable. Therefore, you will be required to make changes in your current structure and develop new strategies. Also, might have to enlarge the team size that you are currently operating with.


8. Dealing with Competition

When you have started your business, you can always expect some competition. Some may come from the pre-existing company, and some might come from the upcoming ones. In both situations, your business share will be a stack, and if you fail to deal with this challenge effectively, then the chances are that your competition will start taking away your shares. Thus, leaving you with less return and even losses at times.


9. The Right Business Location

Unless you are starting an online business only, you need to be wary about selecting your business location. You cannot just start a store in any random location and expect the business to boom. For example, imagine opening a store on a barren island. It will fail. Similarly, it would be best to look for a location with an increasing population, a good road network, and available at the right place. As a result, your chances of generating more traffic in your store significantly increases.


Self Doubt


10. Have Faith in Yourself

While the idea of starting your own business is fascinating, pursuing it can be scary. As the journey of entrepreneurs is never easy. You will always be tested, and there will come a time where you end up questioning your decision more often. But, it is the ultimate challenge, i.e., fighting self doubt, that comes with failure. And just like every other challenge listed above, you will have to conquer this one as well to ensure that your business has a chance of succeeding.


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