Changing the Way We Shop : Smart Grocery Cart


1st Dec'20

What is a Smart Grocery Cart?


The Automated Grocery Cart is a cutting-edge consumer purchasing tool that allows shoppers to accelerate their shopping experience. Amazon launched its own Smart cart called Amazon Dash Cart in new effort to automate physical retail checkout. The major goal is to create a technology-driven, low-cost, scalable, and durable system to aid in in-person shopping.

Amazon Dash Cart uses sensors, cameras, and computer vision algorithms to automatically recognise items. Customers can use their payment cards linked to their Amazon accounts to bypass the checkout line in a real store.


How does a smart Grocery cart work?

To detect the things customers put in the cart, the cart uses a combination of computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion. When customers exit through the store's Cart lane, sensors immediately recognise their cart, and their payment is handled using their account's credit card.

The cart contains a panel at the top from which customers can access their Shopping List, mark items off, and see their subtotal, which is useful for grocery shopping. Furthermore, each cart is equipped with a coupon scanner, allowing customer to instantly apply store coupons while shopping.

With the use of appropriate sensors such as RFID Tags, this device records the data of various products. This recorded data assists the business owner in conducting a detailed study of the customer's buying habits and preferences using a computer; a printout of the same may be obtained. There is no need to drag a heavy trolley, wait in a billing line, or consider a budget when using an automatic trolley. The cart, which is controlled by a microprocessor, will automatically follow the customer. It also keeps a safe distance between itself and the customer. It displays the number of items in the trolley as well as the total cost of the items on the spot.


Smart Grocery Cart


Advantages of Smart Grocery Cart

  1. When customers pick items repeatedly, the smart shopping cart can automatically calculate all prices and generate a bill. This will substantially assist customers in avoiding the cash desk and eliminating the cash counter queue.

  2. The customer has it all—firsthand touch, feel, smell, and look of a desired product, as well as the convenience of not having to wait in line at the checkout. Marketers can be forgiven for labelling this type of shopping "grab-and-go."

  3. The customer will receive real-time information about the products they are purchasing and will be aware of product availability at any given time.


Future Scope of Smart Grocery Cart 

In the retail industry, Smart Grocery Carts are quite enticing and will usher in a new era of buying and selling items. It addresses the main issue of saving the buyer's time because that is the key issue it addresses. It can be thought of as a viable choice for future retail.

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