Choose Your Outfit Colors Wisely For The Zoom Meeting.

Choose Your Outfit Colors Wisely For The Zoom Meeting. | OpenGrowth

After this pandemic, work from home has become a common phenomenon. People in different workstations connect through online meetings on various platforms. 

Even if you are at home, you need to get dressed for your office zoom meetings as you need to look good your body language is perfect. Whether it is a household quiz night, an online networking meeting, a virtual training session, or a client consultation, Zoom or one of its options, has rapidly become our new best friend. 

Appearing put-together during a  zoom video call or conference is a different skill from making an impression in person at work. The current reliance on remote technology in the coronavirus pandemic has intensely dimmed the line between work and life, turning residences into offices.


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Tips To dress well in Zoom meeting.

Since you have to attend zoom meetings increasingly, you must be familiar with the common mistakes that people make, both for yourself and to share with your clients. What you wear around your face is crucial, as the focus during these calls will be on your top half the reflection of what you wear will cover body language

Therefore, color is essential, and wearing complimenting colors significant for you to look healthy on screen. This is your signal to offer a Color Analysis session, especially if you can do this virtually your dressing sense and body language tell all. If you are in a team meeting on a Zoom video call or a group networking round, wear a solid or colorful color. This is to help you stand out from the gang. 


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Lighting is such a significant factor in how others see you. The ideal lighting would be with you confronting a window. However, this won’t work if you are blinking because the sun is shining into your eyes. Avoid standing with a window behind you, as you will vanish! If you sit with a window on one side of you, you could balance out the light using a ring light or even a table light.


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