Cloud Data Integration and Big Data Management for Cloud Computing

Sunny Samanta

8th Oct'21

Cloud data integration and managing big data for cloud computing is an integral cloud-based practice to keep all the high-quality data within the frameworks of the cloud-based system. Cloud data integration and big data management for cloud computing are two different processes involved in cloud computing. Here, you can learn about cloud data integration and managing big data for cloud computing to understand the underlying process critical for the proper functioning of the cloud computing system where it even helps with the cloud malware protection.


Cloud Computing


Cloud Data Integration

Cloud data integration is the practice that provides relevant users and applications the ultimate consistent access and efficient delivery of data across cloud-based and on-premise systems. The data integrates through various disparate sources such as within and between the public and private clouds. It can also incorporate techniques such as cloud-based and on-premise systems. Data integration is used to develop software programs and data integration platforms that can facilitate the automated data integration process to connect and route data from source systems to the target systems. The following data integration techniques get used to carrying out the complete cloud data integration:


  • Extract, Transform and Load: It copies datasets from disparate sources and gathers them together before loading them into a database or data warehouse.

  • Extract, Load, and Transform: Here, all the data gets loaded and moved or transformed during detailed analytics uses.

  • Change Data Capture: It detects and identifies the changes in the databases in real-time and applies the data changes to other repositories or data warehouses.

  • Data Replication: It replicates the data from one database to another for backup and maintaining information synchronization.

  • Data Virtualization: It virtually combines data from different systems to create a unified view instead of loading data into a new repository.

  • Streaming Data Integration: It feeds real-time integrated data streaming into the analytic system and data stores.


Benefits of Cloud Data Integration

Cloud data integration takes place across and between cloud-based and on-premises systems. The reason it gets practiced in a cloud computing system is due to the following benefits of cloud computing services:


Synchronized Data

Synchronized data are essential to provide consistent real-time data viewing. Cloud data integration enables it for any IT systems and applications using a cloud computing system.


Automated Workflows

Cloud data integration helps automate organizational processes that, otherwise, involve manual data entry or manual copying of data to standardize how data gets used from one application to another.


Eliminate Redundant Data

Storage of the exact data multiple times is a common occurrence in an IT system. Moreover, the duplicated data can increase the data storage cost and data synchronization. Cloud data integration ensures the removal of such duplicated data and provides better cost maintenance and synchronization efforts.

Big Data Management


Big Data Management for Cloud Computing

Big data management for cloud computing is an integral part of any cloud-based system. It ensures the structure, organization, administration, and governance of large volumes of unstructured and structured data. Doing so enables access to the relevant users to a high level of data quality essential for business intelligence and big data analytics applications. Furthermore, managing big data for cloud computing allows companies and government agencies to deploy effective big data management strategies to consistently control the ever-growing pools of data that typically involve terabytes of stored data in various file formats. 

Big data management for cloud computing environments also helps locate valuable information within and between a large set of structured and unstructured data across various data sources through decision intelligence. Managing big data for cloud computing can further help explore the latest advancements and analysis in the cloud of a data management area.


Benefits of Big Data Management for Cloud Computing

Following are the benefits of managing big data for cloud computing:


In-built Infrastructure

Big data cloud services can create big data infrastructures quickly and allow scalable environments. Thus, enabling the prominent data cloud service provider to save a lot of research time and resources as it may have to start building an infrastructure from scratch. Thus, maintaining the economics of cloud computing.


Helps in Cost Cutting

Big data management offers excellent flexibility to save costs and other resources by managing data duplication and ensuring security.


Time Efficient

In a technology-driven, fast-paced world, time management and efficiency play a vast role in data-driven applications that rely on providing reliable and relevant data insights to their users. Big data management can efficiently help any company pace its business by creating a quick data-driven decision management application in the cloud whenever there is a need. Besides, with the help of cloud data integration ensures management of time by building required infrastructures and setting up operating systems, databases, analytics, and application servers quickly.

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