Co-browsing- A Collaborative Solution

Isha Panwar

15th Mar'21


Customer engagement is all about mapping the buyer's journey and interchanges that happen across multiple touchpoints of your customer connection lifecycle. Having a deep knowledge of your customer behaviour can assist your business to bolster customer loyalty. 


Co-browsing a collaborative solution


A co-browsing solution, one of the elegant tools for delivering practical customer experience, is changing the means businesses communicate and could become the solution for providing real-time relief. Co-browsing trends are already a portion of the onboarding, sales, and support procedures of business entities.

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Co-browsing software and screen sharing:

The two key technologies that are used to enable organizations to achieve this goal. Read more 


How Co-browsing Works?

Co-browsing consists of pasting two lines of javascript on your website, and neither the agent nor the customer ever requires to install anything to use it.

Because co-browsing passes your own html and CSS to your own agent, you are only upholding your own website data, and that's why it can be rapid, and you can remotely supervise things and that's also what makes it safe and secure for the user.

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Co-Browsing Software:

It allows agents to watch what their customers are searching in their browser and jointly navigate webpages with them in real-time to offer better customer support. Read more 

Collaboration Is Easy With Togetherjs:

TogetherJS is a free and open-source HTML5 based JavaScript library that aims at providing real-time collaboration between users. Read more

What is Collaborative Browsing?:

Collaborative browsing is a software-enabled technique that permits someone in an enterprise contact centre to communicate with a customer by using their web browser to show them something. It includes emails, call transaction, fax etc. Read more


Co-browsing Software

Co-browsing is fundamentally distinct from traditional screen sharing because it entails passing the code rather than streaming a video. If you're giving code and all the modifications to that code, you have to deal with all several rent scripts, frameworks and technologies out there. It takes a big-time to get co-browsing to function across these technologies.

There are some fundamental distinctions between them, and the correct explanation depends on the type of customer you give assistance to and what sort of integration you require.

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Best Co-browsing Software Companies:

Here, we have the best co-browsing software solutions provider in the market and how they’re different in their zone.  Read more

Co-Browsing provides the in-person experience:

Co-browsing fills the gap between the anonymity of self-service and traditional physical interactions. Read more 

Help your customers instantly with co-browsing software:

Co-browsing software gives real-time assistance through shared browsing and live chat. Read more


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