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Co-living Spaces: A Growing Trend in Accommodation

Co-living Spaces: A Growing Trend in Accommodation | OpenGrowth

Co-living: Endless entertainment and company – all within four walls

There is an old saying, “home is where the heart is.” Urban residents have been looking for places that stimulate a sense of community, as well as providing great accommodation.

In today’s era, it is a well-known fact that people have a growing sense of isolation in this even more connected world. And thus, to come back and build a bond, co-living seems an amazing idea.


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All About Co-Living

The desire for a sense of community, alongside increases the  levels of affordability in cities, and there generated the first wave of co-living concepts.

Co-living seeks to bridge the gap for graduate students, with micro spaces, shared kitchens and large communal areas. It also works well for remote workers looking for temporary short term accommodation. Basically, the concept of co-living addresses a real need and remains a niche system.

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Co-Living Space

Co-living space refers to a form of coexistence in a living space where the users of the space are not the members of the same family. Rather they voluntarily share the same living space, having similar interests, intentions and the value system of the society.

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Co-Living Architecture 

Coliving is a way of accommodating in a beautiful, fully furnished home optimized for urban living. The architecture of homes which allows co-living involves common homes that celebrate the community aspect of the sharing economy while making shared housing affordable, convenient, and cohesive with modern lifestyle.

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