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Coffee generating power

In this fast-paced world where consumer culture affects our everyday lives, many of us should stop and assess a more sustainable lifestyle. We have all heard about the belief of composting coffee grounds. They are close to pH neutral with less acidity once your cup of java is made. The grounds are a big source of nitrogen for composting and help enhance soil structure, but it seems they can also be a productive source of energy.

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Coffee grounds generate power

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What is Coffee Power?

Scientists have whirled coffee waste into electricity for the first time, in research that could assist farmers and curb pollution in the developing world. The coffee industry produces a huge amount of liquid waste during the procedure of turning the fresh material of the tree, the coffee cherries, into the 9.5m tons of coffee the world generates each year. While coffee waste has been utilized as biofuel before, and compacted to be sold as “biologs” to be burned, the project is supposed to be the first to generate electricity from such waste.


Coffee can generate power


Startups In The Field of Coffee Power 

The coffee-growing business in Honduras is one of many rural-based industry sectors that require electricity. The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) has partnered with the U.S. government and the Dutch-based development agency SNV to reuse the pulp and mucilage by products of coffee beans as biofuel. The project also assists lessen negative effects of coffee production on the atmosphere.

For London-based entrepreneur Arthur Kay, using coffee grounds are the distinct waste—they are an important reserve and an untapped reservoir of energy. The company he established, bio-bean, is collaborating with coffee shops and coffee makers to transform their natural by-product into a spectrum of advanced biofuels on an industrial scale.

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Coffee can generate electricity

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UK scientists turn coffee industry waste into electricity

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Direct power generation from waste coffee 

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