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College Degrees Vs. Bootcamps: Which Option is Better?


27th Jan'22
College Degrees Vs. Bootcamps: Which Option is Better? | OpenGrowth

You must have read about Facebook's  AR smart glasses and Apple’s mixed-reality device. This proves technology is the future. So do the people with technical knowledge. Everyone in the tech industry wishes to work with Big Five( Google, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Netflix, and Microsoft). Wishing to work with them, and working with them, are two different sides of the coin. These big fives employ the most technology graduates globally. 

You must have decided to learn web development or data science. But are you sure to learn from college or university, or do you think boot camps are best? Confused? We will clear your confusion! 


What are Bootcamps?

Coding Bootcamps is a technical training program that provides coding skills to learners. It allows students with coding skills to focus on the most important aspects of coding. The goal of participants in boot camp programming is to pursue a career in web development with a desire to work in renowned places. 

According to Mayuko,  a YouTuber, “ Bootcamp campuses in over 85 cities across the United States and Canada with 83% of graduates being employed in programming jobs with an average starting salary of $67,000. On average, the tuition is $13,584 with programs taking approximately 15 weeks.”


What are College Degrees?

Universities or colleges provide you with the traditional form of college software learning programs. For getting expertise in the technical field, an individual chooses a computer science college degree. These represent a wide series of offerings ranging from short accelerated associates degrees to 4 year undergraduates and even graduate and doctoral programs. Several universities let you choose a specialized track to study as a major subject. 

According to the University of  Toronto News “ Universities focus on the underlying theory behind why particular approaches to algorithm and data management are less memory intensive or faster than other approaches.”


College Degree


College Degrees Vs. Bootcamps

To make your decision of choosing between a college degree and boot camps. We have listed a few differences between them.


The cost 

In terms of cost-effectiveness, boot camps win. A college degree can be double or triple the tuition fees for the boot camps. Many college courses can range from $60,000 to $70,000 per year, and many of the cheapest universities can still earn you $20,000 per year. On the other hand, boot camps in less than one semester at a university teach you programming skills and prepare you for a career in software development.


The Time 

Depending on the course, college programs range from  3 to 4 years. Whereas, boot camps range between 3-6 months. Boot camps are full-time, while college degrees can be part-time. 

In most cases, Bootcamp graduates will have 3-4 years of experience in the industry after completing the course. While college grads may be looking for their first role. However, if you are looking for an academic environment, there is no substitute for a university degree.


What is valued?

If you are planning for a startup, coding Bootcamp is a better option. If your goal is to work in a big company, you can choose a full degree. The coding boot camps help you to get a job straight after the course is completed, but there, you have to prove yourself. 


Pros and Cons of Bootcamps and College Degree 

There are some pros and cons of boot camps and a college degree, that you should know before making a choice.


Pros of Bootcamps 

  • Shorter time course.

  • Cost-effective.

  • Helps in career.

  • Teaches teamwork.

  • Clear results 


Cons of Bootcamps 

  • Non- traditional like degree and diploma.

  • Less theoretical.

  • Very intense.


Bootcamp Vs. College Degree


Pros of College Degree 

  • In-depth learning.

  • Build meaningful connections with batch mates and professors.

  • Traditional.

  • Teaches the theory behind each topic.

  • Opens doors for masters and PhD


Cons of College Degree 

  • Expensive 

  • May need relocations to different cities or countries.

  • Limited start dates.

  • Minimal career support.

  • Blur outcomes.

  • Limited seats in an institute.

  • Multi-year commitment.



So what is the right choice for you? The answer to this question remains a personal choice. Bootcamps are increasing and gaining popularity; they are shot and efficient. Whereas, a college degree gives you a lot of traditional advantages. Many of the graduates choose to do bootstrapping to develop skill sets and learn practical knowledge. The thing that matters the most is enjoying while learning and working. Therefore, the ball is in your court, choose what you feel is right for you!


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