Color Psychology - A New Perspective For Marketing

Falak Chandna

31st Mar'21
Color Psychology - A New Perspective For Marketing | OpenGrowth

Color psychology explores the various colors that dictate human behavior. Color psychology is used to trigger cerebral responses in advertising and promotions. At first, this sounds simple, but in that sentence, there is much to load and unload.

Colors bring perception to our lives. 

We are always surrounded by so many different colors all the time. They provide us with feelings and emotions. They can make us happy, and they can make us dizzy as well. Colors do affect us both positively and negatively. And that's how colors become an important part of our life.

When it comes to marketing, colors are an indication that helps the public see what they want, believe what they want, and do what they want. Therefore, how do you use color, influences the opportunity to perceive it accurately or unwisely?

Colour is one of many things about a company that people remember, and some of the most playable colors are: blue, red, yellow, and black. 95% of businesses have either 1 or 2 colors. These various factors are why picking a color scheme and a logo are difficult: are they safe to play and get along with the rest or are you burning on a track that is less stuck and results are less predictable?  

Colour affects your messaging - Choose the wrong colors and then forget your wonderful content and your awesome CTA because that happens with not so right and eye-catchy color combinations. 


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What Does A Colour Represent?


Color Palette


Well, let us throw some light on the most used branding colors and find out what they mean and why these brands tend to use these colors the most - 


Red Color


The red color generates an urgency, fitting for price reductions and special discounts. It stimulates hunger, too. It is therefore mostly used by fast-food stores. 

Conversely, It's solid, powerful and in your eyes, practically. It is also the color of the chimneys, traffic signals lights, and around 150 flags in numerous countries.

If you like a positive connotation to the red color, use the accompanying positive content terms. It would be helpful if you use strong descriptive vocabulary to convey structured learning in your content marketing.

Further, a gentle and cheerful feel can be provided when you add white or yellow to the color red. Similarly, it can look moody and deep by applying black to red.

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - Youtube, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, etc.


Green Color


It is a good, peaceful, powerful, and naturally associated color. It is used in shops to calm and encourage environmental concerns. It induces equilibrium in the brain and promotes a balance that contributes to commitment.

The color green symbolizes nature today as the most common decoration hue. The color is easier on the retina; hence it helps the vision to get improved. 

This is also a relaxing, cool hue. People are looking for relaxation in "green spaces'' on TV. Hospitals use green sometimes so people feel comfortable. 

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - MamaEarth, Starbucks, Tropicana, Whisper, Fortis Healthcare, etc.


Blue Color


Blue is everyone's favourite color. Its significance in color is linked to harmony, water, calmness, and reliability. And it provides protection, decreases appetite, and boosts productivity. It is the most popular color used to foster faith in their goods among progressive brands.

One of the common colors is the color blue. Peaceful, calm blue allows the body to release soothing hormones and is mostly used in apartments. On the other hand, cold and depressing blue shades also do exist. 

Note how most business and technical websites use blue significantly. Most organizations related to wellness, such as health insurances and hospitals, use blue with lighter colors. Thus, blue is still the most common color for both men and women in order to continuously invite sales.

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - Facebook, MetLife, Manipal Hospital, etc.


Yellow Color


Happy sunshine yellow is a wake-up call. Although it is considered an optimistic color, the color is the hardest for the eye to accept because it will overwhelm if it is overused. 

Yellow increases focus, and the metabolism also accelerates. It is also generally linked to innovation, hope, and animation. 

Your brand experiences a sense of playfulness and vibrancy by including yellow in your visual messaging campaign. 

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - Ikea, Subway, McDonald's, Post-it Sticky Notes etc.


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Orange Color


The playful and dynamic orange moves and encourages pleasure. 

Orange is welcoming and imaginative as a mixture of red and yellow and creates a nuance synonymous with friendliness, fun, and extroversion. It's the color that sticks out in several different color schemes and can be the uniting element.

However, depending on the context, it may also be linked to a sense of caution.

Moreover, orange is used sparingly to focus on something but not to overshadow the advertisement's actual message.

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - Nikon, Fanta, Blogger, etc.


Purple Color


In color psychology, this color is usually paired with dominance, insight, and appreciation. It encourages both imagination and problem-solving. Due to its uniqueness and connection with Ancient Rome, the purple hue contains elegance, prosperity, and beauty. It's romantic and feminine too. Beauty and anti-aging drugs are the most widely promoted.

Besides, in much of its colors and tones, violet is usually a 'pretty' color. It is the preferred hue, the trueness, well-being, and holistic renovation among most female customers. 

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - Yahoo, Cadbury, Hallmark etc.


Black Color 


We think of black as a hue but not a color. It is linked to authority, control, security, trust, and strength. It designs authority, intellect, courage, seriousness, and even glamour and elegance. Excessive black use, though, can turn destructive and cause sorrow and even evil. 

Although, black isn't a hue, just an utter absence of color. It may also become a mark of wisdom if seen too often. Black is difficult to use, but many marketing campaigns and brands have succeeded in using the color effectively. 

Black will potentially be the best option if you market high-value premium consumer products on your website.

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - Apple, Amazon, Gucci, Nike, etc.


White Color


White has cleanliness, innocence, and security emotions. And it can be used to project color or neutrality delinquency. 

Further, white space contributes to the imagination since it is perceivable as a tidy, undisturbed slate. For every organization, it could not be the right color. However, using white can be useful for a minimalist brand or solution.

Since white is used as a backdrop color, it is sometimes forgotten. Today most websites use lots of white space to build a feeling of independence, space and comfort.

Accordingly, white is not an element; it is attributable to just about every color in the spectrum with its complete balance.

A few of the brands to be named with the same color themes are - Cartoon Network, Hyundai, Audi, etc.


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If you're still confused with which color to go for and which color to leave out of the consideration list, keep these three important tips in mind, and we are pretty much sure that they will prove helpful in solving your dilemma.


  1. Contrary to what some people may think, a transformation text or button may not have the same color. Try a yellow or green button. Try it! Explore the benefits of the black and white backdrop schemes. Find out which products accompany which color and what will perform well for your audience.

  2. We admire most professional developers tremendously. But do not encourage the designer to decide which colors on your website you can use. Colour is not only a "yeah, it looks fine" problem but a conversion problem. Aesthetics of color is not everything. Effects of color conversion are important! To boost your sales, you should deal significantly with the color option for your search engines.

  3. Don’t overload your page with a mix of irrelevant colors. Choose wisely so that you can excel with what your overall objective with your brand or your marketing campaign to display and express is.


All The Best!!

And, Have A Colorful Day!!

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