Cubiq Foods Receives $5.5M for the Development of Healthy Fats

Sudeshna Dutta

25th Oct'20
Cubiq Foods Receives $5.5M for the Development of Healthy Fats | OpenGrowth

Cubiq Foods has only been an agency and Spain food startup for two years, however, it is already one of the international leaders in the cell-based meat space and Spain food industry.

In a record, until now this month on funding for organizations producing cultured selections to animal protein, the Good Food Institute stated Cubiq is one of the first entities somewhere placed to have products on the market. By subsequent year, the file stated, Cubiq, Mosa Meats, meatless meat, and Memphis Meats all count on to be promoting something.


The development of Cubiq

Cubiq's improvement has been a bit more under the radar due to the fact of nature of its product have you ever tried a meatless meal. While a customer will now not devour a product made one hundred percent of fats, no count on how many omega-3s it consists of. Cubiq's products will be a fundamental addition to many refined foods, consisting of the cultured meat that will come from the higher cell-based startups. 

According to Food Ingredients 1st, Cubiq and Mosa Meats had been in discussions for 12 months about a collaboration. It's necessary to add fats to cell-based meat consider that meat from animals is made up of each muscle and fats cell, which add taste and texture.




Second Round of Funding for Cubiq

This is the second round of funding for Cubiq, which acquired 12 million euros (about $13.7 million) in January 2019. When that round got through, the enterprise had plans to construct an R&D facility, and the pilot was successful in producing 5.6 parts of cell-based fats per year, then scaling up to seven hundred lots with extra funding in 2021. The company's internet site lists each a fundamental workplace and a manufacturing unit in Barcelona, so it seems they are on their way.

The company's founders stated they were determined to produce cell-based animal fats due to the fact of the significance of wholesome fat in food, as nicely as the inconsistency of animal fats quality. Culturing fats following a clean, managed, and scalable process will guarantee the same fats first-class always.


Innovation in cell-based fat

The enterprise is working on tasks different from cell-based fat. Last year, the agency said it was once in a position to convert liquid oils, such as these from sunflowers and olives, into strong fat. This may want to revolutionize the plant-based meat market due to the fact many of these products use coconut oil — which is solid, however excessive in saturated fat.

Cubiq is working in a vicinity that is crucial to diet and health, and organization founders stated they assume their product will no longer be more nutritious than what's on hand today, however additionally be more affordable. Visit the Official page of Cubiq Foods here:


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