Developing Long-Lasting Products during Pandemic

Isha Panwar

12th Jan'21
Developing Long-Lasting Products during Pandemic | OpenGrowth

Product building in this pandemic is not the usual business. Things are utterly unusual right now, but some ways need to be considered to keep things going. As product builders, this can be diverting. Collective practices are a strenuous battle. Even the products we are building aren’t being consumed for their intended purpose.

The truth is, our methods, practices, and products all need to be reconsidered and reimagined for our current state. When things radically change, we need to reinvent the way in which we think about the how, the who, and then what we are building — which will certainly lead to narrative approaches, a richer sense of empathy, and innovative acquaintances.


Developing a COVID 19 products with long-lasting potential

The global COVID-19 pandemic has exemplified executives with the most challenging times in their careers. Their decisions' social impact is under the limelight as they try to equalize the needs of all key stakeholders—customers, partners, suppliers, and society in general.

The big news is that the executive, investors, long-term shareholders, believe that doing the right thing for all stakeholders in the near phrase will benefit investors in the longer period.

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Developing Long-Lasting Products during Pandemic


Survival Strategies for Business during COVID 19

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