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Disney Startup Accelerator Program Powered by Techstars

Sunny Samanta

7th Sep'21
Disney Startup Accelerator Program Powered by Techstars | OpenGrowth

When I think of Disney, the first thing that comes to my mind is Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. Mickey Mouse because it serves as Disney's mascot and Disneyland because it is the ultimate amusement park destination. Disney has grown so much today that you can notice something that has a Disney on it everywhere you go. Such has been the charm and dedication of Disney that people continue to fall in love with the brand, the company, the product, i.e., Disney. And now, Disney is planning to add one more feather to its already feathery hat. The Walt Disney Company is gearing itself up to launch its new program known as the Disney Startup Accelerator.


About the Accelerator Program

The Disney Startup Accelerator program will be Disney's venture into the start incubator business venture, where it looks towards supporting at least ten early-stage companies that represent innovative consumer media and entertainment product ideas. The company aims to fund the startups as each of them will be receiving a $120,000 investment. Besides, the company will further work towards providing mentorship from the tech and entertainment industries. But since it is Disney, you can always expect a beautiful twist on the beautiful tale as it will lend excess to the startups to learn from the leaders of the various Disney divisions. 




The Disney's accelerator for startups will even include the most iconic, revered, and loved divisions in the pop culture era, i.e., Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, ESPN, and Walt Disney Imagineering. To put the cherry on the top of it all, Disney CEO Bob Iger also expects to be a part of the accelerator program.

Powered by Techstars

Techstars is an American seed accelerator that works globally with entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors to provide global platforms for startups and innovations. It is one of the leading incubators and accelerators-based organizations. Disney has tied with them on their latest mission to launch the accelerator program as they believe Techstars to be well aware of the pros and cons of accelerators for startups.

Kevin Mayer, Disney's executive vice president, had stated that their company would be working hand in hand to provide support and platform to early-stage companies they are planning to work alongside. They expect that while the company will provide all the required resources to help the companies, they will work with, the TechStars will guide them with their hands-on accelerator experience. 

Note: Techstars is a globally known startup accelerator due to its partnership with some worldwide known brands such as Microsoft, Barclays, and Sprint.


Disney Startup


Goals for Accelerator Program

One cannot expect Disney to work on a plan and not have goals for it. It stays faithful to its accelerator program as well. When it comes to the accelerator program, its primary goals are providing financial stability and strategic efficiency. Mayer further elaborated on the goals and said, "This is about identifying and mentoring startups with innovative ideas that could help transform the media and entertainment business." While saying so, Mayer had gently pointed towards Disney's history of "firsts,” which in itself is a testament to what he said about the company's accelerator programming goals. Besides, they understand that there's a lots of major benefit for startup incubators.


Disney's History of "Firsts"

In 1928, Disney had revolutionized the entertainment and media industry when it first launched a cartoon synchronized entirely with sound. Four years later, the company premiered its first full-color cartoon and then just took another five years to realize its dream of a full-fledged animated feature film finally.

Disney's history of "firsts" didn't end there as the company opened the first modern theme park in 1955. Mayer hinted and spoke of Disney's history to reflect and remind why they have decided to launch their own accelerator program. Their belief in synergizing creativity to inspire innovation in entertainment and media motivated them to finalize the accelerator program. Moreover, they intend to continue extending the legacy of the already legendary company.


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