Do You Know About AI-Driven Future?

Neda Ali (Editor)

11th Dec'20
Do You Know About AI-Driven Future? | OpenGrowth

Artificial intelligence is the future and the future is here.

The future of AI

The future of AI involves advanced cognitive systems capable of doing what machine learning systems can't do. They are going to intelligently and fluently interact with human experts, providing them with articulate explanations and answers, even at the sting of the network or in robotic devices.

With the assistance of AI, we will virtually eliminate global poverty, massively reduce disease, and supply better education to almost everyone on the earth. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning can also be used to increasing rate, wealth, and power, leaving many people behind, and create even more horrifying weapons.


AI and empathy


Empathy in Artificial Intelligence

To realize artificial general intelligence, AI must use empathy to make decisions. This enables the system to be embedded within the artificial brain to affect both the cognitive processes as well as the emotional processes.

Artificial intelligence requires a draft for a social contract with the technology. To build that trust between humans and technology, empathy is key. In other words, machines have to understand humans using them and now it became a question for future generations that will artificial intelligence replace software developers?


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AI and empathy

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Empathy in Artificial Intelligence

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Creativity and Empathy: Key Skills in AI-Driven Future

With advanced technology, entire business sectors are disrupted and revolutionized making our jobs easier and our lives better. And while we don’t always know the full impact of such technological advancement, artificial intelligence becoming increasingly clear that it will disrupt nearly every industry in one way or another.

While many people fear a future in which robots have eliminated human employees from the workforce. Artificial intelligence coupled with empathy and creativity is the key skills to jump with AI in the coming future for it  How it would happening for startups and the unleashed power of AI?


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Creativity And Empathy Will Be The Key Skills

Those who understand the skills, as well as the new tools, will embrace AI not as an obstacle or adversary, but as an enabling technology to take their humanity to the next level. 


AI-Driven Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI), also referred to as machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans. AI has developed many tools to unravel the most difficult problems in computing it covers the overall driven activity which tells about the potential of AI and human collaboration.

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Human Factors in AI

Human factors affect all human interactions with the environment. It covers human interactions with technology so, What you say can AI robots assess human skills and the way human abilities that limit now need to be taken into consideration within the designing of the technologies.

AI is the first trail at intimating human intelligence. It poses new problems of interaction with a replacement sort of intelligence.


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