Do You Know About Innovative Face Masks?

Neda Ali (Editor)

2nd Dec'20

Innovative Face Mask Are In The Trend 

Face masks have come in the list of essentials in this crisis of a Covid-19 pandemic. And tapping on these chances for are high street fashion brands and home grew ethnic brands. The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse for a fashion show, but as we lose our ability to communicate through smiles and visual cues with most of our faces covered up, we have to come up with alternative ways of making a first impression.

From masks in colorful patterns to dark muted tones for a professional look, brands are slaying it and have bombed the internet space advertising these reusable masks, printed masks, smart masks, and so on.


Innovative Face Mask


What Is Wearable Tech?

In recent years, we’ve seen modern, disruptive innovations in the world of wearable technology. We are noticing the beginning of entirely new categories of interface tools that bring with them a crucial paradigm transition in how we perceive and interact with technology. Wearable technology is a field of convenient smart devices that are worn on the body. Wearables comprise devices like smart glasses, such as Google Glass, and smart jewelry, and now masks too. 

Now, in the condition of COVID 19, as the masks have become new normal and essential for all of us, it has also become the style and trend. There is a different company which is giving smart masks including Bluetooth and GPS devices.


Innovative Face Mask

Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression. As face masks are quickly becoming a part of our daily routine, many of us are choosing to showcase our individual style through them. Apart from Smart Face masks, there are different creative ways in which masks are being made and traded in the market around the world.

Creative face mask


To have an idea about the creativity and innovation of the various companies and also fashion brands, click here: 

28 of the most creative face masks from around the world

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have became a part of most people's wardrobes, and some people are having a little fun with it. To know about 28 most creative face masks from around the world, click here:

Fashion Brands Getting Most Creative With Coronavirus Face Masks

While face masks are now being adopted to reduce the spread of COVID-19, they’re quickly becoming an everyday fashion accessory here to stay. To know about 20 fashion brands getting most creative with coronavirus face masks, read the article:

Unique and innovative face masks

The coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has forced all of us to don masks whenever we leave our homes and venture into crowded spaces. Masks have become a new precious commodity of sorts. To know about 8 unique and innovative face masks people have come up with to fight coronavirus. click here:


Smart Face Mask

Face masks are now being used to reduce the reach of Coronavirus, they are rapidly becoming daily fashion accessories for all of us. A Japanese startup has discovered a smart face mask that connects to smartphones and lets users make calls, without talking directly into their mobiles. Capable of mailing and sending text messages via speech.


To know more about the Smart face mask in the trend, please click the below link: 

Smart Mask: Shield Against COVID-19

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, face-covering has become the norm. To know about smart mask, read the article:

Smart Face Mask

Face masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future as the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic. Japanese startup Donut Robotics has developed a way to turn the ubiquitous coronavirus face mask into the latest tech gadget. To know how, read more:

Instant Translation Smart Face Mask

As face masks become more and more a part of our daily apparel, a Japanese startup, Donut Robotics, has developed a face mask that connects to the Internet. To know about this, click here:


We at OpenGrowth, are looking for different trends in wearable technology including Smart face Mask and many more. Let us know in the comment section if you want to know more about it.


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