Do you Know About Lab-Grown Breast Milk?


7th Sep'20
Do you Know About Lab-Grown Breast Milk? | OpenGrowth

According to the World Health Organisation, breast milk is a vital source of nutrients and energy for infants, protecting against gastrointestinal infections, and assisting to reduce obesity risk while expanding IQ later on in life, among other advantages. For mothers who are unfit or unable to breastfeed yet still wanting to give their babies human milk, the options are limited. Milk banks aren’t accessible in every country or city, and marketplaces, So to combat the issue different startups are preparing lab-grown breast milk.

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Startup For Lab-Grown Breast Milk


A small start-up called Biomilq just announced it has managed to develop human mammary cells that make at least two of the most predominant elements of breast milk: a protein called casein and a sugar named lactose. This is the first step, the company wishes, to making human milk outside the human body. Biomilq's founders don't claim their coming product will be similar to breast milk in every way — it won't morph to a particular baby's desires or propose the same protections for a baby's immune system, but they do anticipate it to generate all 2,500-some components of human breast milk since a single cell, the human mammary epithelial cell, generates them all.  

A Singapore start-up Turtletree is intending to launch lab-grown breast milk by 2021, and is pursuing to work with major formula brands to provide the “closest thing to real mothers’ breast milk”. TurtleTree’s patent-pending technology has the potential to disrupt the billion-dollar infant formula business. The composition of TurtleTree’s lab-grown breast milk comprises oligosaccharides, proteins, and fats crucial for healthy development in infants.

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