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Do You Know About Sweat-powered Smartwatches?

Neda Ali (Editor)

6th Apr'21
Do You Know About Sweat-powered Smartwatches? | OpenGrowth

Wearables and Sweat Tracking

Have you ever thought of wearing Sweat Powered Smart Watches? Technology has always been intimately linked to the human body. From sharpened flint to smartphones, we've been carrying our inventions for millennia—but the relationship is about to get even closer. The next generation of electronic devices might not just be near our bodies, they could be powered by them.

Staying alive guzzles energy. To keep us ticking, our bodies need to burn between 2,000 and 2,500 calories per day, which is convenient enough to power a modestly used smartphone. So if just a fraction of that energy could be siphoned, our bodies could in theory be used to run any number of electronic devices, from medical implants to electronic contact lenses—all without a battery in sight.


Wearables and Sweat Tracking

Picture courtesy: Lloyd Dirks, Unsplash


How did they evolve? 

A group of scientists from the Scottish institution created a battery cell with a new type of supercapacitor. This replaces electrolytes typically found in the batteries. When you perspire, the seat is collected in a coating of a polyester cellulose cloth in a thin layer of polymer. The irons in the sweat react with polymer and generate electricity. 

The researchers have claimed that this can be charged with only 20 microlitres of fluid. It can also survive a lot of flexes and bends - which makes it idle for your waists. 


Sweat-powered wearable

Wearable devices for health monitoring and fitness management have foreseen a rapidly expanding market, especially those for non-invasive and continuous measurements with a real-time display that provide practical convenience and eliminate safety/infection risks. 

Forget about other devices, currently, our sweat can charge up the wearable electronics that we carry with us, i.e., smartwatches. The smartwatches that are assigned the task of keeping our daily health record and tracking our calories and sweat burn out, will now be automatically charged by our sweat.


Sweat-powered wearable


Advantages of Sweat tracking Smartwatches

The battery life of any electronic device that we use is the first-most bothering thing. That one feature which we surely check is the battery power and how long will it's one charge last. Our smartwatches are one such device that we can not afford to keep away from us. We get them only to keep a track of our hourly physical activity. In such cases, especially charging them up is a disadvantage.

But the idea of Sweat power has added new features to the smartwatch and will increase its demand as well. 


To know more click the below link: 

Why sweat will power your next wearable

All wearables, including fitness trackers, audio-enhancing hearables that go in your ear, and augmented-reality contact lenses, have a similar power problem. To know how sweat will power your next wearable, click here:


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