Do You Know About the Concept of Cloud Banking?


4th Nov'20
Do You Know About the Concept of Cloud Banking? | OpenGrowth

Cloud is a distinct IT environment that remotely provides measured and scalable IT resources, and relies on a pool of shared physical and virtual resources rather than deployment of personal or local software and hardware. Cloud deployment offers a great choice in choosing the management required and level of security and hence is suitable for almost any business. Although there is no magic bullet that can meet all the requirements, cloud computing offers several advantages to financial institutions.


Cloud computing in banking

In today’s competitive banking environment, the cloud has overtaken on-premise deployment to become the rule rather than an exception. As we begin strategizing for a post-COVID world, one thing is clear – the scenario demands digitally-enabled banks, supported by the cloud.

Cloud enables financial institutions to be more agile, scalable, and flexible with its ability to operate in a dynamic, contact-less environment. Migrating traditional data centers to a cloud server helps in increasing security, boosting data-handling capacity, and providing access to the bank behind the fintech as a  new delivery channels.


Cloud computing in banking


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Cloud Banking

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Cloud banking: More than just a CIO conversation.

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Benefits of Cloud Banking

Cloud has the potential to transform a bank’s digital landscape—helping to achieve their business goals, ensure compliance and data security, and deliver an Omnichannel customer experience. While selecting the ideal cloud services partner, banks must consider many factors, including business strategy, regulatory compliance, technical compatibility, and cybersecurity.

The benefits of Cloud banking are:

1. Scalability and Flexibility

2. Cost Optimization

3. Increased Process Efficiency

4. Agility and Innovation

5. Enhanced Data Security


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Scopes and impact of cloud computing on banking:

The rise of cloud-based software has offered companies from all sectors a number of benefits. Among all the major sectors, the banking industry has been one of the most beneficial ones due to cloud technology. To know about what is cloud computing and scopes and impact of cloud technology on the Banking & FinTech domain, read the article:

Advantages of Cloud Banking software:

Over the last few years, the quality of internet connectivity across the globe has increased, while the costs of both connectivity and software, in general, have decreased. To know about the advantages of cloud Banking software, read more:

Why are banks moving to the cloud?

The banking industry needs to address the ever-growing data input demands, and there is a need to explore the systems that do not rely on like-system migration so that infrastructure can be modified without any disruption. Banks have been slow in adopting cloud computing as there are apprehensions regarding lack of control and environment sprawl which can lead to reliability issues and security risks. Banks also want their financial data to be secured with controlled access. However, cloud computing can change the way consumers interact with banks, and migration to the suitable cloud computing model offers several benefits. The banks can also alter their resource configuration to match the changes in the demand for their services. The risk of a security breach in the private cloud is minimized as it is deployed within the firewall of the organization.


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Why is cloud migration so important to banks?

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Why are more banks moving confidently into the clouds?

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