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Do You Know About The Scenario of Cricket Post COVID-19?

Neda Ali (Editor)

30th Nov'20

Future of Sports

Sports are a great source of motivation, togetherness, as well as entertainment for all the men, present on Earth. Apart from men, nowadays women also love watching as well as playing different sports. Whenever there is a tournament, the whole family sticks to the television set and prays with all their heart for their favorite team to win. 

But this year has been a vacant one for all types of sports across the globe. This pandemic has come with certain new plans for every aspect of human life. 


Read the below link to know about the future of sports:

The Future of Professional Sports

How major league sports can use technology to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world? To know the scenario of cricket post Covid-19, Click here.

How COVID-19 is likely to impact sports in future

With countries across continents going into lockdown to fight the spread of COVID 19, sports, too, came to a standstill. Not used to being indoors for long, deprived of their normal training facilities and change in training schedules—it has been a challenging time for sportspersons, too. Experts across sports disciplines believe it is bound to be different for each sport— from individual sports like golf or shooting or team games like cricket and football to contact persons like kabaddi or wrestling. To know more about how COVID-19 is likely to impact sports in the future, Click here.


Future of sports


Impact of COVID-19 on Cricket

Currently, there does not seem to be any easing of the Covid 19 crisis. Countries all over the world are going into lockdown in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus. In these circumstances, it seems likely trends shaping the future of sports that the BCCI will be forced to make the decision to cancel the IPL for 2020. Cricket has been the most talked-about sport across the world in comparison to the other sports. But this pandemic scenario of cricket post Covid-19 has led to the cancellation of many upcoming Cricket matches like the Indian Premier League, Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, etc. 


Read below about the impact of COVID-19 on Cricket:

From saying no to handshakes to playing matches in empty stadiums and eventually calling off almost every series or tour. Cricket has seen international series postponed, the Indian Premier League put on hold, and the T20 World Cup in Australia thrown into doubt by the coronavirus pandemic. To know how the cricketing world was impacted by the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak, Click here.

Future of Cricket-2020

After all these shifts and changes in the scenario of cricket post Covid-19, the future of cricket is still not predictable. Nobody knows that when will we get back to the normal situation with an audience-packed stadium, cheering out loud for their favorite team. 


To know what the world and players think about the future of cricket and trends shaping the future of cricket, read:

Future of cricket

The trouble is the world sports calendar has been completely disrupted. The pandemic has ensured that this is the biggest disruption we have seen for sports. According to reports, Cricket Australia is ready to start their pre-season training later this month, with the new protocols, which also include physical distancing in the nets, etc. The ICC, according to reports, is open to the use of an artificial substance to shine the ball under the supervision of the umpires. Australian company Kookaburra is developing a wax applicator that can be used. To know more Click here.

USA wants to host T20 World Cup in future

USA Cricket has expressed interest in hosting the T20 World Cup during the ICC cycle starting 2023 as the presence of a significant South Asian diaspora can ensure packed stadiums across the country. To know more about this, click here.

COVID-19: Here's how cricket's dynamics can change

A lot of people in cricket are doing the menial task of coding the minutiae of pitches, strokes, deliveries, etc through computer software. At some point, AI will be ready to automate this with a high degree of accuracy, which will turn people's jobs into the more valuable work of interpretation, insight, and application with the coaches. The future will test the sport's powers of innovation and creativity. It is what cricket does in the here and now to survive in a post-pandemic world that will define its shape in the far future, when watching and playing cricket could be a fundamentally different experience. To know more, click here:


Future of cricket technology


Future of cricket technology here

To cope up with the changes instantly, technology is the best help in every field. Cricket has also adopted new technologies after every certain year.

Read more about the future of cricket technology here:

Cricket Technology

Cricket is a sport steeped in tradition. Making changes to the rules that have been in place for a long time is not taken lightly. Over the years cricket has incorporated into the game a few of the latest technological advances available. There have been some rejections of technology, such as the use of aluminum cricket bats, but generally, the ICC has been rightly cautious about making changes to the game that will impact the players and spectators. To know more about cricket technology, Click here.

Technology's role in cricket today

Technology has seamlessly come into cricket that involves the future of individual players, teams, and the sport itself. It has become a tool to get the best out of the players. Fans all over the country can follow matches online. It has increased the fan base for domestic cricket. Instead of the fan chasing the information, it is the other way around now. Players’ registration has been revolutionized, with software that registers the technical details of each player. To know more, click here:


In Which Form Will Cricket Return Post COVID-19?

After months of lockdown across continents, to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, sport is finally, and slowly, starting to make a comeback – starting with the German Bundesliga on 16 May. Even Italy and Spain have allowed their football leagues to let clubs start training.

All the cricket fans are waiting eagerly for the comeback of Cricket. Everyone is trying to know what exactly will be the future of cricket. While cricket in India in the near future looks unlikely, the Indian cricket board can help other boards by traveling to the nations that are safe – like Australia.


To know more, read the following article:

When & in Which Form Will Cricket Return Post COVID-19?

According to recent reports, the England Cricket Board (ECB) is the first to take the charge. The BCCI, understandably, has made no move to get the ball rolling – considering a large number of cases in India – but the ECB is looking like they’ll be the first to get their players back on the field. There will be regular temperature and COVID checks and the big pool of 30 will also allow the team to rotate players and avoid exhaustion during the six Tests they play. To know more, click here:


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