Know About the Scenario of Movie Halls Post Covid-19?


9th Nov'20
Know About the Scenario of Movie Halls Post Covid-19? | OpenGrowth

Movie Halls Post Covid

Living a balanced life means having an equal ratio of workload, fun, entertainment, trips, food, and all the possible things. Days without fun factors turn out to be a bad day. Our society has been dependent on the entertainment industry for ages for weekend fun. Fridays are a pre-assumed movie day! 

Movie halls witness the maximum crowd on weekends but continue earning the profit for the entire year. The craze for cinema hall has never gone down even after the OTT Platforms came. But a sudden jolt overturned everything. 

Cinema halls across the world were stated to shut down for an unannounced period. This sudden notice came post-COVID’s entry into our lives. Movie freaks were disheartened but the entertainment industry and movie hall owners were heartbroken. 


Movie theatres post coronavirus

The world is waiting to wake up to a new morning, without the fear of Corona around. With the entry of the virus, our lifestyle has experienced major turbulence. The movies are being released in the world of OTT platforms. We are watching the exciting cinemas on our small screens and badly missing the feel of cinema halls. 


To reduce boredom, the entertainment world is planning its comeback with certain guidelines. Read:

From opening cinema halls to resuming shoots:

Coronavirus has adversely impacted the Box Office. The media and entertainment industry has risen up to the situation. They are shooting from home. To know more about the opening of cinema halls, read the article:


Movie halls post Covid 19


Will social distancing work?

Cinema is beyond movies, it is about marking a memory, about holding hands, eating out, socializing, birthdays and anniversaries. The pandemic has drastically changed how we watch movies. That's having a big impact not only on movie studios but also theaters and streaming platforms. 


The New Normal

Coronavirus pandemic has made people more aware of the high standards of personal hygiene. But at the same time, it has set in fear because of which we can expect social distancing to become the new norm. Social distancing in theatres is going to be the only solution where people can re-visit movie halls post COVID. Although the feeling of cinema halls with social distancing won’t be the same as before, but to watch movies on big screens, that will only be the option.


Read below to know about the different plans of social distancing in theatres post COVID:

Can social distancing work in theatres?

If cinemas are able to introduce all of those measures and enable audiences to come back at relatively low risk, the problem is a lot of those measures suck the joy out of going to the cinema when multiplexes reopen, rows of vacant seats won’t be so unusual. To know how social distancing will work in theatres, read the article:

UK Theatres adapt to social distancing

The pandemic brought the curtain down on venues in March, leaving theaters facing an uncertain future where continued social distancing measures threaten their existence. If you want to know how UK theatres adapt to social distancing, read the article:

PVR to explore social distancing in its theatres

Besides introducing social distancing at the ticket booking level, it is obvious that we will say goodbye for the moment to shared popcorn and holding hands as part of the movie-watching experience. To know how PVR will explore social distancing in its theatres after lockdown, read the article:


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