Do You Know How To Identify Your Competitors?

Neda Ali (Editor)

7th Dec'20
Do You Know How To Identify Your Competitors? | OpenGrowth

Know your Competition

“We watch our competitors, learn from the theme the things that they were doing for customers, and copy those things as much as we can.”

Competitive research is the backbone of any strong marketing strategy. Finding your competitors do not require complicated research. There can be two types of competitors i.e. direct and indirect competitors. 

Direct competitors are those companies who sell or market the same product or service as yours. Indirect competitors are those who are in competition with your business digitally that is not selling the products and services directly and now a primary alternative for consumers that are making a purchasing decision. Whereas indirect competitors are the businesses that offer alternative products and services.

Identification of your competitors be it direct or indirect is an important step to choosing the correct direction and move on the right path to grow any business. and the business transformation in today's extending competition.


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Identify Your Competitors


Know about your competitors: Benefits

It is as important to know your competitions as it is to know your customers. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competition will prepare you better to strategize and strengthen your business in areas where your competitors are lacking some and you also got the advantage of getting your customer loyalty. Knowing their strengths will help you work harder in those areas where you could be lacking. This goes in all areas of business right from the product, services, marketing, and promotional activities 

Moreover, in simple words, it’s ideal to play by your strengths and leverage upon opposition’s weaknesses.


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SWOT Analysis


SWOT Analysis

Once you know about your competitors you have to prepare your own strategy to beat them. To get things done in the right direction we use a SWOT analysis.

S – Strength 

W – Weakness

O – Opportunity

T – Threat 

SWOT analysis is a process by which management of any ccompany identifies the external and internal threats for a company. ‘S’ and 'W' are the internal factors, whereas O and T are the external factors. 

The business performs this analysis to use most of what they have. They prepare charts for all the four factors so that actions can be taken accordingly. To take any action you have to create connections between the factors like what threat can your weakness can possess. It helps to create a whole plan of action for your business.

Other than SWOT analysis, USP analysis and Core Competencies analysis are also used. Combining all this you will get a clear picture of the actions to be taken to deal with your current situation. 


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Get to Know Your Business With a SWOT Analysis

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