Do You Know How to Impress Your Investors?


3rd Nov'20
Do You Know How to Impress Your Investors? | OpenGrowth

Who is an Investor?

Whenever a person thinks of starting a business, they simply look out at first for capital. Whether you start a small-scale business or a large-scale business, capital investment is equally needed. This situation gives way to investors. Investors are those who invest their money or capital in a business organization, expecting a financial or sometimes, nonfinancial return. An investor is typically distinct from a trader. An investor puts capital to use for long-term gain, while a trader seeks to generate short-term profits by buying and selling securities over and over again.


What Investors look for in a start-up?

Before investing our money in any product, we think twice and cross-check the product. The same algorithm applies to the investors who invest their capital in a start-up.


How to Impress Investor


To know what investors look for in a start-up before investing, read:

What Do Investors Really Want?

While every investor will have their own requirements and be looking for something that aligns with their personal interests and pursuits, there are a number of things you should consider if you want to stand a chance at getting funded. To know more about it, read the article:

Things Investors Want to Know:

Investors look for companies that can grow quickly and manage this high growth scale. Investors must see that the company can generate significant profits beyond the initial product idea with adequate financial projections and a plan to include multiple sources of revenue. To know important things that an investor wants to know before sinking money in a company, read more:

What investors look for?

Every investor is different, and each has its own set of criteria. There are certain across-the-board factors investors will take into account when evaluating opportunities, and it’s in your best interest as an entrepreneur to cover these bases before approaching investors with your pitch. To know what will take a shot at breaking down what investors look for, read more:


What do Investors Want In Return?

Investment means something in return. Whether it be a monetary benefit or something other, but every investment is linked with a reason and expects something in return in the coming future. An investor on behalf of the advisor should be well known why you need an advisor for your start-ups, also have a vision for future return.


To know what do investors want in return, read:

What Do Investors Want? Startup Primer:

Most of the web buzz around investment is about what happens with high-tech and high-growth angel and venture capital investment. That, however, is a very small subset at the very top of the investment pyramid. To know a simple primer on the basics of business investment for startups, read more:


Financial Documents

Once the discussion of all the above criteria is done, the final deal-making time arrives. The investor will surely want you to do some paperwork to have some documents. Apart from deal-making documents, financial documents will also be expected by the investors.


The below link will tell you more about which financial documents investors are looking for:

What Documents to Send to Investors?

Providing enough information for your investor is vital for not just attracting the investment, but also fostering close investor relations. It is important to send enough information at the start to spark interest, without revealing all of your business secrets. To know what and when to send documents to investors, read more:

What Investors Want to See in Financial Statements?

Business financial statements are like a financial report card showing how well your business is doing. To know what investors want to see in financial statements, read more:


We, at OpenGrowth, are continually looking for trending startups in the ecosystem. This was a blog on how to impress your investor. If you want to know any further information about the startup ecosystem or have any mind-boggling ideas, do refer to the other blogs at OpenGrowth. If you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below. 


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