Do You Know the Professional Video Call Etiquettes?


26th Nov'20
Do You Know the Professional Video Call Etiquettes? | OpenGrowth

Email may be quick and easy but nothing beats the power of face-to-face meetings. Meeting face to face is 34 times more successful than email communication. With more employees working remotely, traveling, and enjoying flexible schedules, the need for more personal conversations can only be done with video conferencing software.

Especially today, in these days of global lockdown, offices, and organizations have dropped their shutters and are working virtually.


What is a Video Conference Call?

A video conference call is an online meeting that combines live video feeds from a video conferencing system with a screen sharing solution to enable group collaboration. Video conference calls allow remote meeting participants to conduct more meaningful face-to-face conversations by detailing virtual venues for meetings and conferences without having to rely on travel for productive in-person meetings.


Read below to know the increase of video conferencing in past months:

Video conferencing booming during the lockdown

Video conferencing has played an integral role in the move to remote working, providing business continuity and helping people to work with colleagues and customers wherever they are, and this is supported by the significant growth of video meetings. When lockdown restrictions begin to ease and UK businesses start looking to the future, using video for collaboration will remain a core and vital part of an organization’s way of working. To know more, click here.

Video calls past phone calls as the choice of people in lockdown

The extended lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people communicate interact or socialize, be it their personal or professional life. While phone calls and audio conference calls were the norms earlier during the lockdown. People prefer to make video calls over phone calls. The convenience of connecting to several people at one go, watching them, and sharing content are the main reasons video calls have become popular. To know more, click here.


Video Conference call


Things to Keep In Mind During A Video Conference

Most people take video conferencing as an easy task. They take the call as an informal meet-up and forget that they are around their office co-workers. There is a certain set of do’s and don’t while attending a professional video conference.


Read below to know about the etiquettes and do’s and don’ts of video conferencing: 

Video conferencing etiquette

With 2020 unofficially dubbed as the “work from home” year due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is important to know some useful virtual meeting tips. By now everyone has probably been on at least one video conference call to connect with coworkers, partners, or customers. But now it’s time to learn the art, the etiquette, and the masterful craft of making those video calls successful for everyone involved. To know more, click here.

Tips for Successful Video Conference

Video conferencing has become an essential component of the modern business world and helps improve the connectedness of remote team members. To know the tips for a successful video conference, click here.

13 etiquette tips for video conferencing

Video or audio, Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet--being a part of virtual meetings has become the norm, as companies have sent employees to work from home. Especially for those more familiar with in-person meetings, remote conference calls can be a challenge. There are often participants who struggle with the technology or their at-home bandwidth. To know 13 etiquette tips for video conferencing, click here.

Dos and Dont’s of video conferencing

With a rising number of employees working remotely and more business meetings taking place over the video, it’s important to educate employees about the do’s and don’ts of video collaboration. Brushing up video etiquette can help ensure that all participants are respected, and each meeting is productive. To know the dos and dont’s of video conferencing, Click here.

Biggest do’s and don’ts of video conferencing

It’s important to remember that video conferences are essentially in-person interactions that allow businesses to communicate more effectively. As more and more businesses go remote, it is important to be more effective and efficient on conference calls. To know 10 do’s and don’ts that will elevate the overall experience of a video conference, Click here.


Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing solutions eliminate the need for in-person attendance in both quick scrums and important meetings, adding convenience to daily schedules for all involved, improving client relationships, and ensuring open and consistent communication between teams. To ensure smooth and easy communication, several video conferencing apps have entered the market.


Read below about some best video conferencing apps:

6 Best video conferencing apps

Whether you want to have a quick chat with your coworker or put an all-hands presentation on everyone's calendar, a good video conferencing solution makes it straightforward to create a meeting link or dial-in number, share it with others, and add more people to in-progress calls. To know about the 6 best video conferencing apps, click here:

The best video conferencing software

As stay-at-home work orders look to become a long-term trend, video conferencing has become the go-to solution for not just business meetings, but employee socialization. It's an efficient way of taking on tasks such as addressing customers' support questions live, interacting with customers in real-time webinars or other marketing events, and even reaching out to partners.  To know about 10 video conferencing software solutions to help you choose the right one to stay connected, click here:


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