Do You Know These Google Calendar Hacks That Make Your Work Easy? 

Do You Know These Google Calendar Hacks That Make Your Work Easy?  | OpenGrowth

Google Calendar has been a boon to synchronize and schedule your events, meetings, and to-do lists at work. Over time, it has become your best friend and reminder to manage your work. 

You should be acquainted with these few Google Calendar features if you are dependent on this application for our upcoming meetings and tasks. Also, top google doc hacks everyone should know is something that will make your work easy. 

Additionally, you can look for Google Chrome extensions to help you schedule meetings, set aside time for impending tasks, and use Google Calendar to make the most of your precious time.


What is a Google Calendar? 

Before we know some amazing features of Google Calendar that smoothen our work, let us first know what Google Calendar is and why we need it?

Well, Google Calendar is a google application through which you can schedule meetings, events and get reminders. It is mainly designed for teams, so sharing information and setting up meetings becomes easier. 


Google Calender hacks


Google Calendar hacks you must know 

Google Calendar is very user-friendly. But these hacks will make using Google Calendar easier and more fun. This is all you need to know about google workspace.


Creating new events using shortcuts 

By creating new events using shortcuts, you save time to open the application and then create an event. The following steps help you create an event using shortcuts. 

  • Open your browser 
  • Type cal. new in the browser and press enter 
  • Create a new event 


Change the Default Reminder time 

You can change the default reminder of the Google Calendar. You can adjust it to 10 mins before any task or just 3 mins away from the task.  For example, a reminder for a meeting on how to use google trends for product research is scheduled at 04.00 pm, you get a reminder at 03.57 pm for the same.   

  • Go to your Calendar homepage 
  • Click settings on the right corner 
  • Go to my calendar 
  • Click on Event Notification 
  • Change the minutes you want the reminder to come


Guest Permissions 

You can avoid interruptions in our work by permitting us to change the event or meeting timings to your colleagues.  To grant permissions to them:

  • Click on General Tab in settings 
  • Select Event Settings and go to Default Permissions 
  • Click on Modify Events 
  • Permit the person you want 


Guest permissions for Google


Multiple timezones 

If you have a meeting scheduled with someone from outside your country, you can also get the country’s time zone displayed in your google calendar.

  • Go to General tab settings 
  • Select world clock and click on the show world clock 
  • Click to add time zones and add your desired country’s time zone 


Add Invisible Events 

Some events are private events that you do not want others to see. While using google calendar, you can manage your personal affairs and professional meetings at the same time. 

  • Pick a free slot from your Calendar 
  • Fill Event title
  • Set default visibility to private 
  • Click save 


Adding Gmail filter to the Calendar 

If you have the same meetings every week or month, you can automatically get the notifications on Gmail even without adding the same event in the calendar every time. 

  • Set an event in Google Calendar 
  • Go to your Gmail Account and create a filter by filling out the details 
  • Choose a forward it option and get Gmail notifications 


Receive Daily Agenda email 

Through this, you can get the whole day’s schedule on Gmail every day. 

  • Go to Settings Menu 
  • Select settings for my Calendar 
  • Go to event notifications 
  • Click on other notifications
  • Select Email for daily Agenda. 



Google Calendar helps you improve your productivity at the workplace. It efficiently manages your day schedule and gives you timely reminders of your meetings and tasks. 


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