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In recent years, the spell of dockless bike-sharing services has revolutionised bike-sharing demands. An understanding of the effects of these new dockless bike-sharing systems is of quite importance for system operations, transportation and urban planning research.

The increased flexibility and efficiency of dockless bike-sharing often make the bike-sharing systems' integration with general transit even tighter than that of traditional public bikes, providing an efficient option for first or last-mile trips. The GPS tracking device rooted in each dockless shared bike enables the unprecedented collection of large-scale riding trajectory data, allowing scholars to analyse the population's travel behaviour in new ways. 

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Dockless Bicycle

Dockless bicycle does not require a docking station, rather it is an expense that could sometimes limit the number of bikes a city one could afford. With dockless systems, bicycles can be parked within a defined district at a bike rack or along it.

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Effects of dockless bicycle sharing:

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Bicycle Sharing System

A bicycle-sharing system,  basically is a public bicycle scheme, or public bike-sharing scheme bike-sharing in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a short term basis for a price or for free. 

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Bike Sharing

Bike sharing is a step toward green revolution and to avoid public nuisance. It helps to build a sense of sharing and project our planet with unwanted pollution.

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Dockless Bike Sharing Companies 

In the last few years, the number of bike sharing platforms has doubled. It has sped up at a great pace. Dockless and dock-based cycles are now commonplace in major cities. Investment has spilled into this new mobility solution, but adoption has not come without challenges. And, in the coming years, it will lead to a green revolution.

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Bike sharing companies

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