Does Remote Work Make Better Teams and Leaders?

Supriti Tripathy

14th Sep'21

The unanticipated times in the 21st century have created a million obstacles in the everyday operations of corporations. The barriers in in-person communication, management of the team, handling cultural differences, lack of technology literacy, connectivity issues, etc., are to name a few. But if we look closely and magnify every possible problem, we might call this pandemic a blessing in disguise. It has given us the moment we seek in the busyness of our rat race. We have the time to reflect on our reactions, intentions, and our corporate policies. 

Work from home is one of the underrated techniques involved by organizations to account for their businesses. While we ponder upon and frame suitable work ethics for remote workers to ensure productivity, there is more to working remotely. It allows companies to assess what they did wrong over the years, which made employees leave them. Remote work challenges leaders to think beyond normal practice to get the job done. Leaders will be answerable for the actions they pose and the policies they implement. As we delve into this matter and believe that remote working will be bigger and better in the future, we ask this simple question," Does remote work make better teams and leaders?" 


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Pointing Out the Matter

We must recognize the common challenges in this entire shift of work procedure and point out the matter. The challenges are:


The Possibility of Communication Gap

The communication gap is inevitable even with multiple video conferencing sessions. It may result from many factors like the different work pace of individuals, time gaps between sending the information, accepting, and applying it.



Individuals within the team have different work paces and perceptions. So, to combine teams virtually takes time and research.


Lack of Motivation

Work from home is a challenge for millennials, especially the ones with families. The absence of traditional work culture and added distractions at home can easily de-motivate individuals.



The work culture at offices comprises targets, work standards, and informal office get-togethers at breaks. The remote working method lacks real interaction with colleagues or friends and limits connectivity through the internet or SMS.


Poor Network

A poor network can halt the accessibility of information. There has been evidence of connectivity issues, website maintenance, shut down of softwares, and power outages that lead to problems in productivity.


Making the Most of Remote Work

As remote work started getting convenient for employers and employees, we paused at a fundamental question in the current situation, "Are we likely to work only 50% of the time in the office?

Here are some ways to make remote work a successful process in the new world of work.


Reflect on what More you can Do

Employees are the greatest assets of an organization and contribute to their maximum potential. It is important to provide the resources and help them cope up with the tech transformation. Companies must ensure proper infrastructure, one-on-one meetings, virtual coffee rooms, recognition, and rewards to keep up the motivation in the employees.


Policy Improvisation

It's not about how it's always about how well! Virtual meetings are vital but properly conducting them is the company's responsibility. Allotting speaking time to each member can work brilliantly, and everyone can feel heard with their proposals. Similarly, managers can schedule one-on-ones for feedbacks, and the meeting size can be limited to 5 members.


Motivate from the Ground Level

Leaders must assess the difficulty of the current times and frame the coping strategies for the employees. Investing in a good home office is the best choice. It motivates the employees to give back their best work and shows that the organization cares! Weekly meetings, tracking of work, and constructive feedback mechanisms are valuable techniques to keep up the spirits of the workforce.


Instill Culture within Employees

In offices, a given standard is the work culture that drives the employees to present quality work and get recognized. However, companies fail at instilling the same culture in a remote setup. One effective way to do that is with the help of a committee. The committee can ensure that employees are attached to the company's mission and vision. It must also plan events and functions to focus on unity and present rewards to the achievers time and again.


Clarity of Responsibility and Smooth Transition

Make work logs and assess them at the end of the week. Keep your team engaged during virtual meetings through accountability of their jobs. We do not know the real future of work post-Covid-19 but ensure easy transition when things go to normalcy. Every process is intimidating, and a little support shows the people's side of the company's management.


virtual meetings


Leading with a Difference

Reflecting on the barriers and working towards a change is the unique realization of the remote work-effect. Managers can analyze the ideal meeting techniques and work out quick response strategies as effective as face-to-face meetings. They can also share the basic video call etiquettes during virtual team building sessions to ensure the proper flow of information and maximum productivity of employees. If top managers and leaders offer compassion and support to the employees via transitions, it will help employees become more adaptive and flexible. Leaders must make an exception and learn to accept their fragility through the transition to understand the doubts of their employees in such phases. We can ensure remote work makes better teams and leaders with correct efforts, revised strategies, and acceptance of differences.


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A believer of good things and pursuer of diverse avocation, she is a fiction lover and a simple writer. Supriti has a number of professions to her list and she feels challenges are the only answers to failures.


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