E-Commerce During COVID-19: Preparing for Now, Next and Beyond

E-Commerce During COVID-19: Preparing for Now, Next and Beyond | OpenGrowth

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended plans all over the globe in the past few months. From events and vacations to marketing calendars and revenue forecast everything almost came to a full stop. But, eventually, everything is healing now and trying to find ways in this new normal world.

In general, during the pandemic, e-commerce seems to be in a pretty good spot. In fact with the help of e-commerce, people are able to fulfil their basic needs and wants. After all, shoppers that can’t go to a brick-and-mortar may turn instead to online shopping. But of course, it’s not that simple. It requires much helping hands and technological advancement.

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Challenges for E-Commerce during Pandemic

Across the globe, everyone is facing the pandemic. It is considered to be the worst phase the nation is going through till date. 

Due to the lockdowns started to contain the further spread of the virus, e-commerce in goods has faced supply chain disturbances. Many firms have continued to experience supply challenges as a result of the suspension of manufacturing action, decreased production and labour shortages.

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Effects of coronavirus:

To know some facts and numbers around how behaviors are changing, what products people are buying, and what industries are feeling the strain to help you determine what choices you can make for your business, Click here

Coronavirus and e-commerce:

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to limit the amount of “brick and mortar” shopping people around the world can (or want to) do, more and more customers are turning to ecommerce as a solution to get the items they need and want — but that’s turning out to be both a blessing and a curse for some online businesses. To read more, Click here

Challenge and solutions:

Surges in orders, disruptions in supply chains, customer behavior changes, store closures and more: as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly have an effect on your B2B business. And e-commerce, in particular, is seeing a significant impact. To know more, Click here

7 ways e-commerce is adapting:

Smart companies are paying more attention to their partners, adjusting cash tied to inventory, and identifying new market segments, among other strategies. To read more, Click here

Impact of coronavirus on e-commerce:

E-commerce had been steadily gaining momentum — the world over and also in India much before COVID19 happened. By and large the onset of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has thrown the progression of online purchasing off balance because of restrictions on eligible items to essentials and due to the limitations placed on physical movement directly impacting deliveries. To know more, Click here


Changes in E-Commerce Firms after the Pandemic

Everything has turned upside down due to the outbreak of pandemic across the globe. Each sector has to undergo certain changes to fight with the navirus and survive in this new normal state.

Read the links to know all the changes in e-commerce firms post-pandemic.

Changes in e-commerce:

The economic disruptions caused by the new virus are being reflected in eCommerce. Decreased valuations and increased market fluidity are a common occurrence in most sectors. But in times where many areas of business are struggling, there are opportunities for others to flourish. To know more, Click here

Change in consumers behaviour post pandemic:

More online grocery orders, more buying in bulk and more virtual store experiences are some of the likely changes. To read more of them, Click here

Covid-19 as a catalyst of change:

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the e-commerce landscape and will have a lasting effect on how businesses conduct online transactions in a post-pandemic world. While e-commerce has been around for a long time, COVID-19 has forced regulators, market participants and businesses alike to pivot and adapt to the current environment. To read about it, Click here

Coronavirus outbreak:

The exponential growth experienced in internet infrastructure has been at the heart of the e-commerce boom in India. To read more, Click here


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Coronavirus Pandemic and Online Shopping

The trend of online shopping is much more seen during this pandemic. Post pandemic e-commerce, will be loved by a large percent.

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Online shopping will boom post-pandemic:

India is under lockdown and most people, especially those in urban areas, are now shopping online. That’s unlikely to change and may even increase once the lockdown regulations are relaxed according to a Capgemini report. To read more, Click here

Impact of coronavirus pandemic on online shopping:

Amazon – one of the leading ecommerce players in the country, and the world, has announced on its site that the customers are relying on them like never before in their social distancing and self-quarantine efforts. To know more, Click here

Online shopping due to coronavirus:

Have you deliberately purchased any of these products or services online instead of offline because of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic? To answer, Click here

Online shopping most common during pandemic:

An overview of whether consumers are more frequently shopping online rather than in-store as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. To know all about it, Click here


The nation is seeing the worst of everything. The pandemic has hit the entire nation. But, in this entire situation, e-commerce has turned out to be a helping hand. It’s gas helped to provide all that we needed.

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