Eco-friendly Christmas Gift

Sunny Samanta

26th Dec'21
Eco-friendly Christmas Gift | OpenGrowth

Christmas is the festival of giving. While the adults look forward to surprising their kids and family with some gifts, the kids wait (im)patiently to receive some festive gifts to jump in joy and harmony. Then there is the benevolent Santa Claus magic that grips the surrounding, especially the children. And with some incredible Christmas holiday theme decorations, people plan to let go of all the work and stress and spend some quality time during this yearly festival.

However, with climate concerns peaking high time, we must pay more attention to eco-friendly and sustainable ways of living. Also, since Christmas is such a major event globally, it is important that instead of buying and gifting any gifts or decorations, we try to take up eco-friendly Christmas gifts and give them to our loved ones in a fight against climate change. And if you are looking to support the eco-friendly ways to celebrate Christmas sustainably, then here are some excellent gift suggestions that you can opt for from this year onwards.




15 Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Following are the fifteen most popular Christmas gift ideas that you can select from and make someone’s Christmas memorable and happy.


1. Candle Herb Garden

This fragrant soy candle smells of basil, ginger and lemon. Burn it to reveal a stunning pot ready for Genoese basil seeds, growing medium, activated charcoal and plant food, all of which are included with your purchase. The kit makes it easy to grow basil on your windowsill or desk after the candle goes out.


2. Reusable Shopping Bags

Anyone looking to reduce their impact will love these practical shopping bags designed with the environment in mind. They are made from durable ripstop nylon; these bags are perfect for all of your shopping in your handbag or car. They fold into a ball and then back into a bag in seconds. A variety of fun colors make them great for everything from groceries to sportswear.





3. Ceramic Compost Bin

Anyone who composts knows that the container you store leftover food in can smell slightly. No longer. The ceramic compost bin comes with an airtight lid and filter to dispel odors. The stainless steel handle makes it easy to carry to your trash can or compost heap. Gardeners and environmentalists alike will appreciate this thoughtful gift. It is also available in a decorative blue and white version.


4. Eco dough for Kids

Discover the strong and beautiful colors - it's time to do handicrafts! Do-it-yourselfers will love this soft, flexible, all-natural alternative to modeling clay. Parents will love carefree play, free of dyes and metals. Moreover, this non-toxic dough is colored with organic fruits, plant extracts, and vegetables. In addition, the dough does not dry out! Just add oil to the batter left overnight, and it's as good as new.


5. Hemp Denim Apron

It is a  classic apron made from 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton is a hit with anyone who loves cooking—durable material with an adjustable neck strap and large front pockets for storing tools and recipes. Hemp is four times as durable as other natural fibers. Plus, it's naturally antimicrobial and mold resistant, which makes it ideal for the kitchen. Give it as is, or add your own DIY design.


6. Bamboo Bath Towels

Gifts couldn't be more useful - These bamboo bath towels are made from 100% certified organic bamboo viscose and are super soft. They are naturally antibacterial and three times more absorbent than conventional cotton towels. Because growing bamboo requires less energy and water than other trees used for fiber production, these are an excellent environmental option. Plus, they are fully biodegradable at the end of their useful life, making them safe for community composting programs.


7. Silicone Headlamp

This great headlamp makes a great gift for kids and adults. Perfect for walking, biking, reading and running, its streamlined shape emits light in three different intensities up to 40m. Its incredible ability to charge means no more batteries - connect to a USB port and immediately supply power. The accent color is made from lightweight silicone and comes in four options (lime, blue, grape, and coral).


8. Beeswax Pine Cone Candles

Nothing compares to the smell of beeswax. These small festive candles give off a subtle honey-like scent when burning. Share a Christmas shine with friends, family or colleagues when you choose one of three colors and sizes that will burn for 24-50 hours. Add to a gift basket or present on its own. Cotton wicks complement natural, paraffin-free materials.


9. Recycled Cotton Socks

Let yourself be inspired and give away something useful that reflects the season. Woven in the USA from recycled cotton yarn, these cute socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable all year round. Machine washable and colorfast is also certified as free from harmful toxins. They also come in baby sizes. If you prefer light colors, try these other shades.


10. Modular Power System

Save energy and space with a modular power system that allows you to charge a flashlight, headlamp, speaker, and flashlight with a single battery. You can use the all-in-one power bank for your phone, tablet or GoPro. Start with a component and add it over time for greater energy efficiency and ease of use. The Knog Power System is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, and general adventurers.


11. Fairy House Construction Kit

This unique kit made of natural materials such as moss, bark, shells and wood inspires hours of creative play, carefully made for children from 8 years of age. A glue gun and glue sticks are included to provide an easy way to assemble the house. Then it is up to the little ones to decorate a unique toy with the supplied ornaments.


12 Spherical Beeswax Candles

These beautiful candle balls are handmade from 100% pure beeswax. Give them to those who like to light up a room or table and watch the bright glow. The sweet scent of natural honey gives every room a delicate touch. Paraffin-free Each 4-inch candle burns for over 50 hours.


13. Travel Utensil Set

Help someone in your life get rid of the plastic junk that comes with dining on the go; this portable utensil set can be tucked away in a purse or briefcase and made right away when needed on a picnic. The bamboo is wrapped in a soft cork cover to protect it from dirt and germs. They are refined with natural, food-safe oil for long service life; this set is completely compostable at the end of its useful life.


14. Growing Christmas Cards

Instead of recycling this season's cards, why not plant them? Send your friends and family unique greetings this year with these Growanote Snowflake Cards. Each Christmas card is implanted with flower seeds that your loved ones can plant after the season. The card has a list of seeds and instructions on the back. Each card is a gift in itself. They also come in different designs.


15. Stuffed Animal Kit

Anyone who likes to sew can make this simple stuffed animal in a matter of hours. Each kit includes pre-cut, reclaimed wool in pattern shapes, along with a needle, thread, wadding, eyelets and instructions. Turn the box into an igloo house! This little set is recommended for ages 8+ and contains everything you need to be the perfect sleeping companion. You can also get a variety of owls made in Canada from 100% recycled fabrics.


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