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With the advent of the 21st century, the emerging features of the new economy can be seen everywhere. The innovations made possible by Information and Communication Technology, are transforming the ways in which economies, and the people within them, are working are at the heart of these changes. ICT has become one of the major drivers of growth. But economic growth is as important as must be promoted in a team with social and democratic objectives, especially in tackling exclusion. 

The significance of information and communication technology to both economic and social development explains the priority of bridging that has come to be known as the digital divide. 

In the 21st century education and learning become the lifeblood. knowledge societies and information and communication technology have become an integral part of today’s world. The gaps that define the learning digital divide become as crucial as the more obvious gaps in access to the technology itself.


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Digital Divide

Digital divide refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology, without any restricted access. Basically, this technology can include telephone, television, personal computers and the Internet.

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Bridging Digital Divide 

Basically, bridging the Digital Divide is a new model of engagement formulated to encourage tenants use of digital technology and the Internet. There are various organisations fighting hard to narrow the digital divide.

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Importance of Bridging Digital Divide

The digital divide is used to cover a wide range of social differences in access to and use of digital equipment and services, most notably personal computers, and the ability to access the internet in terms of both physical connection and facility to use them.

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Bridging the Digital Divide

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