Four Effective Approaches to Team Building


4th May'22
Four Effective Approaches to Team Building | OpenGrowth

“A great team and a smooth flow of teamwork is indeed the key to rapid growth and triumph.” - Anonymous.

If you want to make your business successful, you need a team full of hard-working, smart, and passionate people. They will help you grow your business. No matter what you sell, your organization is made up of people. And these people work in small and large groups to complete tasks. 

Every person building a business aspires to create a dream team. A team that will stand as the backbone of the business and will help you achieve your goals. Remember, building a team is not as easy as reading my blogs. It needs effort, time,  and patience. But what exactly is team building? What is the process of team building?  What are the most effective approaches to team building? Relax! Today, in this blog, you will get your answers regarding team building. So, let’s go! 


What is Team Building? 

Team building is a management technique to improve the efficiency and performance of workgroups with the help of various activities. To build the right team, you need skills, observation, analysis, and trust. The sole motive of team building is to achieve the organization’s mission and objectives. 


What is the Process of Team Building? 

A great team makes a great company culture. Here are a few steps that are involved in the process of team building.

  • Identifying the need for team building.

  • Defining the objectives and set of skills.

  • Considering team roles.

  • Determining team strategy.

  • Developing individuals. 

  • Establishing a set of rules. 

  • Identifying an individual’s strength.

  • Being a part of the team.

  • Monitoring performance.

  • Scheduling meetings.

  • Dissolving the team. 


Approaches to team building


Effective Approaches to Team Building 

Since team building is important for organizational growth, it becomes important to know about effective approaches to team building. Therefore, here we have listed four effective approaches to team building that will help you achieve your goals.   


1. Setting Goals 

According to Tony Robbins, an American author, coach, and philanthropist, “Setting a goal is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” It is important to have a clear objective in any team. A clear objective will help you to identify the specific ointment and test the probability of success. Setting goals is intended to boost motivation, improve a sense of ownership, and track team success.


Tips for Setting Goals 

  • Start with SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) goals.

  • Have a clear goal in mind.

  • Break the goal into actionable steps. 

  • Have a plan for obstacles.

  • Track your progress for long-term success. 


2. Role Clarification 

According to the CMOE Press, “Highly effective teams have clearly articulated roles and responsibilities.” Every team member must know their respective roles and duties. Clarifying the roles will help you check progress and reports, without juggling them. It not only promotes members’ interdependence but also motivates each to focus on their own role, without getting distracted or worrying about other's tasks. 


Tips to Create Role Clarity 

  • Clearly define the task.

  • Explain the reason for the task.

  • Check for understanding of the task.

  • Provide the necessary instructions about the task.

  • Explain the priorities for different objectives.

  • Set specific deadlines.

  • Promote transparency. 


3. Problem Solving 

Problems are a part of our lives; we can't ignore or avoid them; the best we can do is solve them. It is a vital skill that you need to have to survive in the business world. You must have the ability to identify problems within the team and solve them calmly. You must also develop problem-solving skills in your team members so that they can solve problems on their own without constantly pinging you.


Tips for Solving a Problem 

  • Define the problem.

  • Brainstorm the ideas.

  • Decide on a solution.

  • Implement the solution.

  • Review the results. 


4. Interpersonal Relations 

Communication, support, sharing, and receiving support help you to gain the trust of your team. These interpersonal skills help you gain allies and make you capable of bringing out the best in your team. Having backgrounds, opinions, and attitudes adds various perspectives and overall build the team. 


Tips to Enhance Your Interpersonal Skills

  • Have a positive outlook.

  • Control your emotions.

  • Acknowledge others’ expertise.

  • Show interest in your colleagues.

  • Be an active listener. 

  • Practice empathy.

  • Maintain your relationships.


Effective approaches to team building


The Advantages of Team Building 

Team building can lead to miracles for your organization. Here are a few benefits of team building for an organization.

  • Increases productivity.

  • It encourages creativity.

  • It enhances communication.

  • It improves morale.

  • Builds trust.

  • It develops confidence.

  • Inspires collaborations.

  • It boosts motivation.

  • It promotes a positive work environment. 



Team building can foster your company’s culture by removing the daily pressure and distractions. However, a great team requires a lot of skills and presence of mind. Therefore, you must encourage communication and interaction among the team members and build a strong team.


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