Entrepreneurs: No Less Than a Teachers

Sareen Yasmin

5th Sep'20
Entrepreneurs: No Less Than a Teachers | OpenGrowth

All children start their academic careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.

Systems to strengthen education and training, to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, and to facilitate capital investment in both public and private, could potentially be of great benefit in improving future living standards in our nation.

Today, we have an education system that was created around the time of the Industrial Revolution when we needed to turn rural kids into urban breadwinners capable of working in an assembly line and mass-market factories. As a result, we panned out with a school system focused on rote memorization and measurable, predictable results.

A union of business, education, and government leaders have aligned the needs of education and entrepreneurship by bringing the discussion to the table. Thus, to move forward in education and entrepreneurship hand in hand, we must meet the needs of young entrepreneurs through an entirely new ecosystem.


Entrepreneurs as Teachers

Entrepreneurs and teachers are somewhat similar to each other in every aspect. They both lead a troupe of young enthusiasts and bring some positive change in the growing world. They share a common goal to bring out the best version of themselves.

Entrepreneurs have to teach potential customers about the value of their innovations and differentiators. They teach investors about markets and their business plans. And, above all entrepreneurs have to teach team members about company culture, policies and goals. Whereas, teachers build you up for who you are and you will in the coming future.


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Entrepreneurship in Education

Entrepreneurship education and training are designed to develop and encourage entrepreneurial spirit and success. It is a learning process that prepares people to be responsible and ambitious individuals. It helps people to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. 

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Contributor: Sareen Yasmin

Her passion includes creative writing, reading and playing around words. She is looking forward to bringing some change with the power of pen and thoughts. Mic and pen are her best friends.

"I believe my fingers can transform thoughts into immortal memories and lessons for the rest of the world."

Her passion includes creative writing, reading and playing around words. She is looking forward to bringing some change with the power of pen and thoughts. Mic and pen are her best friends.