8 Essential Rules of Market Research For Ecommerce Business

Mallika Khandelwal

17th Aug'22
8 Essential Rules of Market Research For Ecommerce Business | OpenGrowth

It is crucial to keep up with recent e-commerce marketing tools and practices for your company. Whether your e-commerce business is just getting off the ground or is at the point where it is maintaining a sizable market share, it is important to understand the market needs for any e-commerce business to prosper.

Purchasing habits and behavior of consumers are constantly evolving in tandem with the marketplace. To make sure you stay on top of your business, you need constant research and develop your business accordingly.

Among the most important responsibilities when starting an eCommerce venture is market research. Today, several e-commerce startups and companies are relying on market research. In fact, the global market for market research services is predicted to expand from $76.42 billion in 2021 to $82.62 billion by the end of 2022. This shows the growing importance of market research for startups.

Several queries about the condition of your e-commerce business can be answered by market research. In order to conduct effective market research, you should have a thorough insight into your target audience, your niche market, and the factors that affect their behavior and purchasing decisions.

Market research has certain rules that you should follow when conducting research for your e-commerce business. Here, we will go over some essential market research rules that any e-commerce business must follow in order to thrive.


Market Research For Ecommerce Business


Essential Rules of Market Research For Ecommerce Business


1. Defining your e-commerce business’s problem

The basic step in any marketing research plan is to correctly determine and define the key issue that you are trying to solve. You start by identifying the issue you must solve and for which additional research is needed in order to develop a solution.

To better understand the problem, it can be very beneficial to begin formulating real research questions that you would like to address. The goal at this stage is to compile a list of broad, basic questions that will serve as the framework for your research question.


2. Developing the right research plan

You should create a research plan for your e-commerce after having a general understanding of the situation, research goals, and an initial record of research questions. The key to this plan is identifying the precise data you will need to address your concerns and achieve your goals.

The analysis plan will be appropriate for the type of data you are collecting, the conclusions your project needs, and the materials you have at your disposal. Significant results can be obtained from more complex research methods, such as the ability to identify consumer opinions. In the end, the research plan outlines who will interpret the findings and how they will be presented in the survey.


3. Choosing the right research method

After defining the sort of data you require, as well as the market research budget and timeline, you would then decide on the research methodology. It covers how you plan to compile and analyze the data you require. 

Some information is conveniently available through secondary research sources. Secondary research analyzes data that has already been collected by a 3rd party for some specific uses, such as by a government department, an industry body, or another company. 

You can use SurveyMonkey alternatives like AskAttest to create an in-depth survey for your research. In addition, you can inform your target audience explicitly about your survey questions. It is considered primary research because it collects first-hand information that is useful to your inquiry. 

Secondary and primary research or a combination of the two may be used in marketing research programs for your business.


Market Research For Ecommerce Business


4. Phrase your questions carefully

In simple words, you'll get incorrect answers if you ask inappropriate questions. To evaluate and improve your market research, consider using the data you accumulate at different phases.

If your statement or sentence patterns are overly complex, it may be difficult for your e-commerce consumer to comprehend your question and provide an accurate response. A simple rephrase can go a distance toward making your point clear.

Before you begin your market research, you could indeed assess your questions on a limited sample to reduce the chance of errors. By doing so, you can examine participant reactions, clear up any confusion, and make corrections.


5. Learn about your customers

The foundation of market research is understanding your customer. Creating profiles purely based on demographics and other fundamental data is generally inappropriate to truly understand a person. People are complex beings with a variety of sentimental, pragmatic, competent, and individual motivations.

You must first recognize the thoughts, necessitates, and interests of individuals in order to comprehend your target group overall. You can develop an accurate customer profile and choose the best sample for your market research by carefully studying them.

You should think about putting yourself in the shoes of your target customers while conducting market research. In the following stages of the research, this will aid in understanding them and formulate more pertinent questions.

People who don't fit your market research profile shouldn't be part of your sample. They might assist you in achieving the benchmark require to produce the observations statistically meaningful, but doing so will degrade the reliability of the findings and possibly jeopardize the entire study.

In a sense, it's just as crucial to recognize who isn't on your priority list as it is to recognize who really is.


6. Study your competitors

Observing competitors can add more framework to your e-commerce market research's findings because they are an integral part of the market ecosystem. Whatever your objectives are, being aware of what other businesses in your segment are up to, and how your target customers feel about them will always be a benefit.

You'll gain a tactical edge and new perspective by updating your knowledge of the competitive rivalry and integrating it with your own goals.


Market Research For Ecommerce Business


7. Combining various research methods

Market research for your e-commerce business has its own constraints, so using just one type of analysis won't produce thorough results. You should examine the issue from all sides, get a broad outlook, and have an improved awareness of potential solutions by incorporating various techniques.

For instance, you can conduct secondary research in the beginning phases of your survey to get a more comprehensive analysis of the e-commerce market if you want to enter the industry or launch any new product.  Focus groups and in-person discussions can then be used to gather more qualitative information, such as unusual customer insights and buying patterns of your target customer.

Closed-ended assessments can be used to conclude the research once you have a better understanding of your target audience. Using the results you have gathered up to this point, you can now obtain quantitative information that you may utilize to draw observations that are statistically sound.


8. Balancing quantitative and qualitative data

Because it is challenging to organize and display qualitative data in research, it is frequently underappreciated. Without a framework, statistical data can be easily misinterpreted. Qualitative results are used to guide the data.

You can interpret the data and determine what it means by analyzing them and comparing the details with quantitative data. You must manage the information you use from all techniques, strategies, and sources by including it in your research to come to valid and pertinent conclusions.



Market research is a very enlightening experience. Even if you believe you have a good understanding of your customers, accomplishing the research will most likely reveal new pathways and help you to improve your business.

By following the proper guidelines for marketing research techniques, you can increase your e-commerce business and draw in enduring customers that will expand over time.


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