Exploring the Top Platforms for Online Learning in 2023

Roshni Khatri

29th Sep'23
Exploring the Top Platforms for Online Learning in 2023 | OpenGrowth

COVID-19 led to fresh changes in education. It altered the way professionals work and how students study all over the world.

This global outbreak may not be the best time to brush up on skills, as many people are working in crucial businesses, working from home, attempting to attract new clients, or simply taking time to pamper their loved ones. Online courses, however, are an excellent way to keep busy and succeed since the majority of the world's orders from homes will take many weeks to complete.

Keep reading to read a detailed explanation of each platform in this article!

Online learning platforms

A distance learning platform is an online space where course creators can advertise and make their courses available for purchase while delivering them.  They're frequently called "online program exchanges." Similar to traditional educational institutions, these online learning environments offer students a safe space in which to access educational materials and, in some cases, connect with both professors and other students. They contain a range of components, such as discussions and peer groups, in addition to lectures, assignments, tests, learning connections, accomplishment credentials, and other things.

Top Platforms for Online Learning in 2023

Online learning has become more common as a classroom-based approach since the latest technological revolution. It provides unmatched cost-effectiveness, adaptation, and simplicity in a world that is getting more and more demanding and hectic.

As a result of this requirement, online educational websites have become one of the most popular products on marketplaces. Choosing the ideal substrate is a difficult task, though! There are countless options, and each has a distinct set of characteristics. We therefore have you covered, whether you work in the academic field or for a company looking to train staff. Besides this you can go for the best online courses such as best SEO basics and MVP fundamentals and explore the platform. Discover which distance learning tools are the best by continuing to read. 

1. Lynda.com

LinkedIn now owns Lynda.com The MOOC webpage Leaning offers a wide range of programs in the arts, sciences, and business. Lynda.com has been providing straightforward and instructive educational videos for individuals, businesses, and universities for over ten years. The website is well known for imparting knowledge on subjects like computers and graphics. Over 10,000 organizations already use the website, including well-known ones like Adobe's subsidiary, Full Sail College of Medicine, Patagonia, NBC, and USC. 

A risk-free test period of a month is provided by Lynda.com. The price throughout the free-of-charge period is $29.99 per month. 

2. Udemy

Users can investigate a broad range of interests and advance their professions using the famous e-learning site Udemy. They provide a wide range of courses, from web programming to public speaking. Reputable businesses employ the Udemy business strategy, including Reservations.com, Lyft, Adidas, and General Mills, to name a few. Additionally, Udemy offers excellent assistance for instructors. Through redirection advertisements, searches and research, email marketing, and companion sponsorship from other sources, they may build, share, and advertise their educational material. 

Programs on Udemy start at $12.99, and there is a free trial period. The cost will vary depending on the course. Business rates begin at $360 annually per user. 



3. Udacity

Job training is prioritized by the for-profit MOOC platform, the online learning platform Udacity Inc. Additionally, it provides a nanodegree micro-credential, which focuses on technologically in-demand abilities. They feature many programs that are now popular in technological devices, including those on robots, autonomous vehicles, and intelligence in general. Among Udacity's business clients are Accenture, AT&T, Cisco, Mazda, Shell Petroleum, and other companies. GitHub, Bosch, BMW, Amazon, Google, Twitter, the Red Planet, and more are among its educational sponsors. 

Up to 200 courses are absolutely free to take on the site. A Nanodegree course may cost as little as $200 per month or as much as $2400 per month.

4 .edx

A MOOC portal called edX provides online instruction at the graduate level. It collaborates with more than 120 academic institutions, including Harvard University, MIT, Berkeley, Delft, RWTH, and the Sorbonne School of Medicine. Six various kinds of programs are available on the platform: one-time workshops, the MicroMasters Programme, vocational credentials, the world-renowned Bachelors Academy, and the XSeries Programme. These programs offer courses on improving abilities for relaxation, satisfying the demands of employment, and helping students comprehend a topic more deeply. 

The cost of unregistered courses is nothing. Verified seminars range in price from $50 to $300.

5. Coursera

Renowned online learning portal Coursera provides courses from major educational institutions all around the globe. The business has expanded quickly over the years and now offers MOOCs that meet the most stringent criteria in the field of education. This virtual school collaborates with organizations like IBM, Google, and PwC, as well as schools involving Stanford, Duke, Penn, Princeton, Michigan, Peking, and HEC Paris. They currently have 190 collaborators from 48 different nations. Renowned investors such as Kleiner Perkins, National Enterprise Associates, Understand Capital, and SEEK Group support the application.

The cost of each course is assessed separately or all at once, depending on the specialization. For those students who meet the requirements, financial help is also offered.

6. Skillshare

A distance learning platform called Skillshare is useful for both professors and students. Millions of programs in fields including architecture, economics, advertising, gadgets, photography, cinema, fashion, gaming, entertainment, cuisine, writing, do-it-yourself artistic endeavors, and more are available on the internet. 

Through a platform's detailed instructions, trainers may quickly build lessons. Additionally, if any of their pupils sign up for the additional features, this leading distance education platform pays professors for referring them. 

Free, premium, and team purchasing options are available on Skillshare. Premium plans begin at $8 per month.

7. LinkedIn Learning

The learning website LinkedIn Learning, originally known as Lynda.com, provides professional courses in a variety of areas in the form of video lessons, including business, digital marketing, the development of websites, and more artistic professions like design.



The software, which is available as a subscription service to LinkedIn members, focuses on assisting people in making investments in their career development and provides more than 16,000 courses in 11 languages. Additionally, LinkedIn Learning collaborates with leading corporations to provide its students with the most sought-after certifications for their profession. 

For pupils, LinkedIn Learning offers two membership packages:

Monthly: €39,33 after a free trial of one month.

Annually: €19,66/month after a free trial of one month.


To conclude, we can say that the majority of distance education systems place a strong emphasis on future-ready abilities like analytical ability and flexibility. The achievement of e-learning systems is significantly influenced by these critical elements.

In place of conventional face-to-face education in classrooms, we forecast that new learning techniques like internet streaming and virtual reality experiences will take over. Learning might then turn into a lifestyle, ingrained in our daily activities.

What do you think about the development of education platforms? Please feel free to add your opinions in the space provided below. 


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