Facebook Launches Prototype AR Glasses Having ‘Auditory Superpowers’

Sudeshna Dutta

5th Sep'20
Facebook Launches Prototype AR Glasses Having ‘Auditory Superpowers’ | OpenGrowth

Facebook has unveiled a pair of AR glasses that enable users “perceptual superpowers”  by amplifying what they want to hear and they dim the background noise too.


How These AR Glasses Work


One prototype gadget is outfitted with headphones and microphones which capture surrounding sounds. This then tracks the movements of the user’s head and eyes to work out on what they’re attempting to hear. This headset at that point improves the sounds the user’s focused on and reduces the volume for everything else


Even though the specs don’t appear comfortable or attractive in any way, Facebook thinks these AR glasses serve two useful purposes in noisy places such as restaurants.


Lisa Brown Jaloza, a technology communication manager at Facebook says that Loud restaurants apart from being annoying can also serve a potential health risk for employees. 


Prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 decibels, which many restaurants and bars exceed these days — can contribute to hearing damage, if exposed for long periods. By dimming the noise, Facebook believes to protect people’s hearing over time. Another device creates an effect called audio presence — the feeling that the source of a distant sound is in the same place as the listener. 


How This Audio Presence Effect Was Produced


Facebook produced this effect by putting a variety of microphones around a meeting room brimming with people. In another room, Jaloza used a modified Oculus Rift headset and a pair of headphones.


The microphones then transferred the voices of each person in the meeting room to different locations in Jaloza’s headphones while she could watch each speaker through the lenses. This can actually help people participate in the conversation and give them a feeling of being present in the room itself even though if they are actually not.


Demerits of AR Glasses


These glasses possess some major security risks. Facebook claims that it encrypts the data before provided to researchers and distributes the user’s identity from the information. Nevertheless, these glasses could be handy for people having hearing problems — or any other individual who wants to omit a loudmouth idiot out of a melodious conversation.


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