Falguni Nayar – Woman Who Turned The Tables Around!!

Falak Chandna

4th Mar'21


There is a very famous quote that states - “A strong woman accepts both criticism and compliments in a very gracious manner, knowing that both sun and rain are required for a flower to bloom.”

The quote advocates the scenario very beautifully because women nowadays are much ahead in the race when it comes to showcasing talent and rising above all. The best part about this is that there is no age bar involved there where talent and dedication are the two enlightening factors. 

In today's time, it is visible that women are not only conquering the evergreen journey of household chores but also are establishing their names on platforms where the struggle with societal stereotypes is not a big task for them anymore. 

Further, when shopping is contemplated, women love to embrace the subject matter. Be it clothing, accessories, jewelry, appliances, skincare products, makeup, and the list of handy divisions goes on concerning shopping demands for humans.

Besides, where other brands are limited to a few of the categories on their stores, Falguni Nayar - Founder and CEO of Nykaa on the other hand, surmounted both the eCommerce medium and also the on-ground showrooms with the only vision of building a multi-brand omnichannel beauty-focused retail business.

Falguni has created a fashion and lifestyle retail kingdom with over 1500 labels, including its house brand that is available online and across 68 outlets in India. And, This was all established under the leadership of a team of more than 1600 Nykaa-its. Forthwith, In the year 2019, Nykaa's income was higher than Rs. 1200 crores, and in the year 2020 it was successful in touching the bar for more than Rs. 2000 crores. Nykaa went into growing sectors such as Nykaa Design, a first style fashion site with a tailored format. 


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What Is Nykaa?


Nyka is a brand that involves the overall product league consisting of beauty and lifestyle determinants. It is a one-stop-shop platform. It was introduced as an eCommerce gateway in 2012 which is now able to treat a human with a variety of beauty, fashion, skincare, and cosmetics items. Nykaa as a brand has successfully established its name with the distinctive variety it holds and the quality of products it tends to provide.


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Beginning Of Nykaa


Furthermore, Nykaa is termed as a result of two of the inspirations that Falguni aspired to fulfil. And these two inspirations incorporated - her love for makeup and her eagerness to explore the online advertising platform. This befell exceedingly as she was sure of the ability that the online market endures. Concurrently, the sudden boost in e-commerce ignited the power of women entrepreneurs in her of which the outcome characterised as Nykaa is ruling over the same industry.


Falguni Nayar - A Women Enterpreneur


Falguni Nayar is an exceptional influence with regards to the women who were always ready to face challenges and rise up and above all. She always believed in herself as an aspiring entrepreneur, and her knowledge regarding the industry demanded outstanding effort and a strategic mind. 

Also, She knew the value of a superfluous service and thus she began with taking care of the client orders personally at some point in time. As she quotes - it is necessary to come to be treasured by society, is a truly warranted acknowledgment.

"I want to stand for women who want to be beautiful for themselves and not for any men or other women" - Falguni Nayar.

Abiding by this, she proved herself as a real queen and qualified woman at the astonishing age of 50, where women on the contrary sometimes are not even able to think straight about considering a career after marriage and having kids.

#Atrueinspiration!! Who, being the Founder and CEO will grant Nykaa to succeed excellently in the upcoming years. 


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In the end, empowering women and providing them with wings is the sheer task that Falguni has implemented, which will surely let other women embrace the nature of entrepreneurship and hit the jackpot with their dynamism.


From the cloudiest days to enchanting nights, she holds the fire in her belly and the zeal in her eyes. 
Falak is an astonishing content writer and a former event manager. The craze for creativity runs in her blood and to bring the change in the human mindset is what she believes to stand for.  She yearns to contribute to society with all her knowledge and her experiences throughout.



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