Find All Meetings In One Place!

Shriya Sarang

31st May'22
Find All Meetings In One Place! | OpenGrowth

The sudden shift from a full-time office to a work-from-home setup has taken a toll on the communication of the team. It is indeed very difficult to understand the tone and emotions of a person while conversing over text, voice calls, or messages and therefore the chances of miscommunication become higher. To help you with this problem and to regulate all your meetings in one place, the OpenGrowth Hub has brought to you the Meetings feature. Let's understand how you can effectively manage your virtual meetings.


How to manage virtual meetings?


  1. Establish ground rules, and designate a co-host and breakout area for larger meetings.

  2. Before the meeting, prepare and distribute an agenda.

  3. As you would in a face-to-face conversation, deliberately position yourself to include body language and tone.

  4. Set a professional tone and a good example of working for your employees to follow. Remember that if you keep your camera on, they will feel obliged to too. But if you don't, then they won't either. Similarly, other things follow.

  5. Beware of scheduling back-to-back meetings resulting in meeting fatigue for employees.

  6. Make it a conversation rather than a lecture

  7. Summarise your meeting points and discuss them at the end.


But scheduling all these meetings can be a pain! The never-ending back-and-forth communication and steps – evaluating calendars, deciding on the appropriate meeting location, setting up a call-in number, adding the meeting to the calendar, inviting all required attendees, and so on. To put it another way, the procedure makes the meeting a burden even before it begins.


What is the meeting feature of the Opengrowth Hub?



The dashboard is the opening screen of the hub. The users can see the recent updates like Upcoming meetings, and team books. The admin can also upload important videos like Videos about the organization and pictures. Meetings can be scheduled and invitations can be sent to the team members directly from the hub.

OpenGrowth hub is a collaboration platform on which virtual and remote teams can connect, collaborate and work together without hassle. Team members can share their ideas, and facilitate questions and answers. They can communicate with any user on DM and collaborate with team members on the channels. Meetings can be scheduled and timesheets and reports can be filled.


OpenGrowth Hub equips remote teams with the tools they need to function well by enabling virtual collaboration. Aiming to build an effective team while nurturing leadership in each and everyone.

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Shriya Sarang holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Apart from having no political opinions, she advocates financial literacy among her friends.