Finding the Right Balance and Flexibility in Your Leadership Style

Roshni Khatri

29th Mar'22
Finding the Right Balance and Flexibility in Your Leadership Style | OpenGrowth

“Today’s leaders are required to cultivate the flow of approaches rather than a fixed style”.

Have you ever noticed what is common between the COO of Facebook and the CEO Lowe’s? They both are commendable and exceptional leaders. One is the master of the tech industry and the other takes the challenge of retail. Both are forward thinkers, have broader visions and enough to command the audience. In short the leaders should be modest and flexible as per the scenario and circumstances. As the traditional approach of leadership style of command is not worthy in today’s era due to the broader concept of leadership.

Where do you find yourself when it comes to leadership styles? A power holder or power sharer? Well, that's the prominent part of our article. A good leader needs to be a good listener rather than a good commander. Right!

To become a successful leader you have to create a balance between your leadership style and flexibility. With this you should learn how to be an emotionally competent leader, to have a sound impression on others. Being rigid cannot bring the desired outcomes and the reason is the young and dynamic approaches, that are more effective to handle the employees and staff.


Leadership Style


Why is the Current Leadership Style Considered Outdated?

Today’s world has become more diverse and is such a creative and modest commercial era, the decision-making from top to down level won’t work properly. Want to know why?

Let’s understand this, when you follow the basic principles of becoming the leader and a traditional path of decision making then you probably ignore the new and latest ideas that can come from the bottom or middle level. Right?

So the leaders have to create their path and decide the way or the mechanism of the leadership styles that can be implemented in a dynamic world. This will help in reaping the most fruitful opinions of the other team members also.


Leadership Style

Leadership styles reflect your ability to lead the employees in a corporation. In other words, the leadership style shows the direction of doing the tasks in an organization and implementing the plans by motivating others. A good leader is one who never compels others to follow him, rather the followers follow the leader by their own will. You should keep in mind that being a great leader requires deliberate practice so leadership is a skill and you can learn it. Different Leadership styles reflect the different paths of doing the tasks and handling the people.


Leadership Style


The Broader Range of Leadership Styles

The current scenario is a bit modern and innovative, in such a case you have to be very cautious while implementing or opting for any particular type of leadership style. To become an influencing leader, you have to listen to what your colleagues have to say rather than just dictating them about their roles and responsibilities. To have more flexibility in the leadership style you need to follow the given factors:

Create Self Awareness

The prime element of opting for a more diverse leadership style is “being aware of yourself.” If you want to win over the heart and mind of others then at first you will have to follow your own instructions. In other words, you should know about yourself, like what are your strengths and weaknesses. By this, you will be able to address the people and situations more diligently. Understanding yourself is the key to make a balance between you and your followers. 

With this, you should allow your team to explore new opportunities, have the feedback from those, make the right assumptions and develop a broader and curious outlook to provide immense support to the team at the time of disruption.

Observe Surrounding People and Circumstances

Understanding the situation and the people can make a stronger relationship or bond between you and your team. In short, you should understand what any particular situation demands and what can be the implications of any task. This can be understood by the example of a leader of a Multinational Company, as he was coping with many crucial issues that can be converted into benefit from a wider perspective. After getting annual feedback he tended to speak more rather than listen. So it can be concluded that being a listener is better than being a teller.

Inter and Intra Personal Awareness

This is the most significant element to understand and address your own abilities and sense of emotions with others too. It is revealed that the leaders who have more emotional awareness are liable to create flexibility in their leadership styles. So a leader should have the capabilities to cope with others as well with oneself to have better results at work.


Leadership Style


Exploring Motivation from Peers

You most probably can find the role models who possess different abilities and act as role models for you by behaving with the attributes which you want to develop. In other words, you can find the best set of examples for yourself while working in a wide team. This will enable you to learn from the behaviors of others and explore the expertise from them. 

Look Internal and External Side of Team

To bridge the gap between your default style and the most appropriate response would not be possible in terms of time and effort. To resolve this gap you would need to look internal as well as the external side of the team. This would provide a wider vision of you and your leadership style. 

It can be understood by an example: there was a risk manager in a company who was quite adaptive to meet the needs of the dynamic and constant commercial world. His team was in trouble over which parameter or element they should rely upon. The manager noticed that the team members were quite fine communicators about fundamental values so he relied upon them for editing his internal presentations to create a strong link with their internal insights. Thus by being a leader you should care about the internal and external sides of the team members and identify the things that determine the outcome of leadership. This will bring more desired results and helps in creating an immense impact on the team.


The Final Say

A leadership style is the most integral part for having or carrying the organizational activities smoothly. As per the scenario the patterns of corporate culture, the behavior of the employees and management have emerged with several modifications. In a true sense to have a traditional approach of leading the organizations is not worthy, as the new and dynamic youth require a modest and broader range of leaders to direct them. So it is essential to make a balance between flexibility and leadership style. 

You might like a versatile leader who treats you more efficiently and helps in complex tasks. Isn’t it? I also prefer to have a modern and smart leader who can handle organizational operations with a flexible leadership style. 

So the time has passed when the strict leadership patterns and styles used to work to steer the organization ahead. In the current scenario, there are different behaviors and experiments which are opted to have the right balance in business operations and the staff.


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