Finding Venture Capital: Why Fit Matters More Than Money

Roshni Khatri

26th Sep'22

Venture capital is money invested in new companies and small enterprises that have the potential for rapid growth but are at high risk. An extremely high return for the venture capital firm is the aim of any investment in venture capital, which is often achieved by the acquisition of a fledgling company or an IPO.


The majority of founders view VC money as the key to success. But it is not an easy task to run a tech startup. The source of your funding is frequently more significant than how much you raise. A high-growth tech business can reach inconceivable heights with the appropriate founder-investor combination, while a poor one can speed its demise. With this, funding for start-ups through venture capital investment is the most convenient source.


We will discuss the importance of fit with entrepreneurs and investors. They offer the following guidance on what companies should seek in a VC: how to handle initial meetings, and how to determine whether you've discovered a good match.


Investing in Successful VCs

As far as venture capital investments are considered, they are as important as dollars. Someone who is entirely on your side as an investor is an ideal partner.


Venture Capital


This entails finding a VC who has a strong understanding of the industry you're aiming for as well as a financial model that can profit from a business like yours.


It also includes going behind the VC firm's name to ensure that you can connect with the specific people who will be in charge of the investment.


In addition, it is advised that new business owners concentrate on the benefits of a partner rather than merely a valuation. Aside from that, some suggestions are given here to help you locate the ideal investor.


Make Sure That Venture Capital Is Appropriate For The Company

As the creator of a business, you might believe that receiving your first round of venture funding is an important milestone and a success as a whole. However, there are situations when this is the best option. The truth is that venture capital is a poor source of investment for most businesses and a fantastic one for an extremely small subset of them.


Understanding VC Can Help You Know a Bit More About It

Venture capitalists (VCs) raise capital from so-called limited partners and utilise it to support risky enterprises. They profit when a startup "exits," or when its shares become tradable through a public offering or a premium sale.


As per the various studies, it is extremely risky to invest in startups. The initial failure rate varies between 60% and 90%. Regardless of the precise number, the startups that are successful must balance the businesses that have failed for the VC model to be successful.


The most crucial thing to realise is that when you accept VC funding, you're committing to a path of rapid expansion. In exchange for receiving a large sum of money, you must give up a sizable portion of your equity to one party. You'll give up some control over how you manage the business, whereas when you raise money from angels or friends and family.


Finding the Right Fit

If someone else is going to have a significant influence on how you operate your company, then you want them to be someone you get along with and who can support your growth.


The appropriate investors will provide you with benefits beyond financial gain. They'll connect you with the appropriate networks, provide you with tips on how to expand and scale your business, and impart their knowledge of your industry.


Do your research on the company to learn about its goals and ideal investment size before approaching a VC. Thus, every fund, regardless of its objective or the backgrounds of its partners, has certain qualities that founders should be aware of.


For instance, Alucozai's business focuses on startups with artificial intelligence. Hardware, fintech, or even medical equipment are areas of expertise for certain other businesses.


Venture Capital


It's never too early to begin such a study or to develop connections with the appropriate VCs. Besides this, knowing about how venture capital works can bring more fruitful results. Alucozai advises starting to establish relationships with VCs as they will be knowledgeable and interested in the industry in which your firm operates.


VC research is not always an easy task to do, as several firms have held their cards to their vest. Websites are also limited to this amount of VC. But this starts to shift when competition increases and businesses attempt to reorganize their internal communications.


While some funds aspire to even more transparency, others want to give their website visitors even more information.


Transparency is Essential To Building Trust

Speaking with the portfolio companies of a VC is a further efficient way to do research on that firm. With this, it is advisable to ask fellow members about their experience while working with VC.


Those conversations could result in a valuable introduction, and, after an introduction has been made, a more focused discussion can be established. The more specific the request, the more we can do to assist.


These discussions with other founders are also a crucial way to learn more about the investor—the person you'll work with for the next few years—instead of simply the company.


Twin Screening

Being ready is crucial if you're fortunate enough to secure a meeting with a venture capitalist who might be a suitable fit for your business. This entails being aware of what the VC expects to gain from the discussion.


They frequently pay more attention to your idea than to your product, with the intention of testing your expertise in the field as well as your drive and dedication.


Generally, first-time founders spend an excessive amount of time in their pitches detailing how their technology works rather than why they are developing it, who the target market is, and how they plan to reach that market. So be prepared to discuss your objectives as well. 


Venture Capital


VCs will want to know if your goal is to find a stand-alone business or if you intend to develop a technology or service that others will be interested in purchasing. Two-way screening is the prime element for finding the right fit for your VC.



You would be surprised to know that VCs also search for a fit, just like you. They will therefore want to ensure that you are compatible, just like in any other long-term relationship.


Indeed, everything is a test. However, it's not necessary to have all the answers to succeed. Tell the truth about any potential issues or difficulties you may encounter. Avoid overselling. Additionally, don't pretend to have the solution if you don't. You should also be aware of strategies for raising capital as a small business owner, as this can assist you in effectively pursuing market opportunities.


Thus, by following these parameters, you would surely be able to find a perfect venture capital fit. In other words, VC is a great funding source for all startups.


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