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The economic and the technological determinants are inducing entrepreneurs to establish ventures with the purpose of reinventing financial technology also known as fintech.

Nowadays, countries witness more fintech startup formations when the economy is well-developed and venture capital is readily available. But, there are some countries that have more startups aspired to change the financial industry through creative services and digitalization than others.

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Fintech Companies

Fintech is the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies in order to enhance their use and delivery to the consumers. It primarily works by unbundling subsidies by such corporations and creating new markets for them.

These are the most prominent applications of fintech are mobile payments, automated investment apps. They are online investment management services that assign mathematical algorithms to provide financial advice with minimal human intervention, cryptocurrency and online lending.

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Fintech Trends

Fintech trends is a wave of disruptive technology in businesses in banking and finance. According to PwC India, Fintech will create a whole new sensation by employing NLP based chatbots and innovating Conversational User Interface to reform mobile banking.

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