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Facing the recent challenges of cities growing, land consumption and climate fluctuation, the Smart Floating Farms can help improve some of the existing paradigms which have directed us to the present situation and open new circumstances which can enhance the quality of human life and the climate. The smart Floating Farms goal is that they can be discovered close to areas where food is more necessary and potentially become assortments of automated smart floating Farms run by the utilization of IT technologies/software. 

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Smart Floating Farms 

80% of the world’s sustainable land for raising crops is already taken so these smart floating farms have emerged as a solution. To read more, Click here 


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Smart Floating Farms (SFF)

The objective of the Smart Floating Farms undertaking is to help lessen communities/growing cities Food risk associated difficulties, make food output more transparent, using clean power to generate fresh food closer to home. The purpose of these water-bound farms is to give rise to sustainable food resources to parts of the world that require its maximum, densely populated cities. The concept of Smart Floating Farms is a commercially-viable offshore farming opportunity, which would work to produce families with raw, organic goods. The semi-automated, sustainable network will, they hope, ride communities towards healthier diets, the concept doesn’t comprise the creation of red meats or poultry; as well as decrease environmental destruction, and assistance in food security and resilience.

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One of the world's largest floating solar farms coming up in Tuas 

There is one among the world's largest floating solar farms that’s coming up in Tuas.  

Smart floating farms concept 

This smart floating farms concept ponders agriculture in a world of 9.1 billion. To read more about it, Click here 

Smart Floating Farms by forward-thinking Architects

To read about the rise of blue farming cities that are proof of resilient architecture.  

Are Floating Farms in Our Future?

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Smart Floating Farms

Smart Floating Farms can help change the future. To know more about it, Click here 


Smart Floating Farms (SFF)


How Do Floating Farms Work?

The design of Floating Farms comprises the use of cables encased in waterproof insulation in order to ensure maximum durability, whilst anchors for the floats will stave off unnecessary movements, such as in powerful winds or other peak weather conditions. The performance monitoring features also aim to enhance reliability whilst motivating faster, more time troubleshooting and supervision.

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Construction of Singapore floating solar farm commences

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Futuristic floating farm 

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Smart Floating Farms For Different Countries

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