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10th Jul'20
Future of Bikes | OpenGrowth

The future belongs to Standing Bicycles and e-bikes. As the car industry flourished for decades, the bicycle's value as a means of transport diminished. However, E-bikes and pedelecs (pedal electric cycle), another variation of motorized bicycles, have rejuvenated the old bike, giving a fierce competition to cars.


New Kinds of Bicycles for your preference


When trying to buy the best type of bike, you often think about these questions: Who do you ride with? What do you ride? Where would you like to ride it? Where do you usually ride?

If you want to buy a bike to ride with your friends, buy something similar to what they usually ride. Indeed, a road bike won't help you if you are planning to ride on rocky terrain. 

Here is a complete list of new kinds of bicycles as per OpenGrowth that you must know if you are a bike rider-


What is an e-bike?


An e-bike is also known as an electrical-bike. It a bicycle integrated with an electric motor. Such electric motors provide 250 to 500 watts of pedal power.

The future of Transportation looks to be blending itself with sci-fi. Take a look at these blogs to know why e-Bikes are the future of Transportation.

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Have you heard of the benefits of Standing bicycle?


The benefits of Standing Bikes are numerous. Riding a standing bike is an efficient way to work out as it burns calories and body fat while strengthening your muscles and heart. Thus it provides an excellent aerobic workout.

Click here to read more about the benefits of standing bicycle and how it affects our health. 

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If you wish to know the details of these new kinds of bicycles and where you need to ride them, OpenGrowth has these links for you-





Are they the future?


The effects of so many more e-bikes and standing bikes on the road could consequently lead to fewer vehicles on the road. This could be substantial and bring about major changes like less vehicular traffic and improve air quality. Certainly more people biking and less air pollution would be celebrated news for the public.

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