Future of Online Shopping: Emerging E-Commerce Trends

Roshni Khatri

15th Nov'22
Future of Online Shopping: Emerging E-Commerce Trends | OpenGrowth

Have you ever considered what e-commerce might look like in the future? 


E-commerce has expanded quickly over time and changed consumers' habits worldwide. After the new coronavirus pandemic drove the populace to stay indoors, this gained even more strength, making internet buying the most practical choice. 


However, e-commerce has undergone significant changes due to the industry's various technological innovations. Naturally, this is only the beginning. 


The major e-commerce trends for the upcoming several years are listed below. Some currently exist in our daily lives but will become more prevalent. It's a good idea to get ready, even though some things are almost ready to become a reality, and others will probably take some time to take root. 


So let's examine these patterns to learn more about the future of e-commerce over the coming years. Just get on reading!


Trends of E-Commerce


When we asked business executives about the changes this year, they had a lot to say. So let's investigate the major e-commerce trends and determine the future of the industry. 


Delivery Drones

One of the major developments in digital retail is delivery drones, which will undoubtedly play a role in e-commerce in the future. And, it would appear, a not-too-distant future. Many businesses, including the food industry, are already testing drone delivery. 


Online Shopping Trends


Since 2013, the e-commerce behemoth Amazon has been working on its delivery drone project. They anticipated that it would begin running in various places by the end of 2019, but the debut had to be delayed owing to internal issues. However, it was formally launched this year in July! 


Without human assistance, delivery drones can automate and manage varied volumes of freight. Automated shipping has several benefits for e-commerce. Look at a few: 

  • Reduced Fright Cost

  • Accident reduction

  • Decrease in Human Error

  • Reduced Co2 Emissions

  • Customer Satisfaction


The automated freight vehicle option that is now receiving the most attention is the drone. However, the list of automated freight vehicles that should be popular in the future of e-commerce also includes autonomous cars, which drive themselves. 


Versatile Payment Options


Giving consumers payment choices, primarily quick payments, is another significant trend in e-commerce that makes the checkout process quicker and easier. Mobile banking has also made it convenient to use the e-commerce platform.


A helpful store that doesn't provide this diversity on its website may see a decline in sales and even lose clients. While those who want to use Google Pay or Samsung Pay would undoubtedly like to have such options available in their store, others who use PayPal may prioritize shops that accept it. 


Additionally, the range of digital payment options grows with the introduction of PIX and developments in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if offering a variety of payment choices is necessary now, it will almost be mandatory for e-commerce in the future if it wants to compete in the market.


Visual Stimuli


Due to technological advancements and the highly visual period which our society is currently experiencing, visual cues will influence purchasing decisions even more in the future. 


Online Shopping Trends


  • Images and Videos

One of the major trends in e-commerce is the demand for ever more thought-provoking, high-quality, and, if possible, 360° photos and videos to be utilized on product pages, in advertisements, and on social media. 


  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a growing trend that has changed the way people shop online and will continue to do so. People will be able to look more closely at items of interest thanks to the usage of virtual reality equipment. 


A feature of this technology is the ability to study a product from different angles while wearing an RV headset, whether inside or outside. This is unquestionably much more spectacular and realistic than viewing two-dimensional photos online. 


  • Online Visual Merchandising

Online visual merchandising will become more popular during the next few years. Is a sales technique that aims to enhance the client's shopping experience and brand by bringing the brand's visual identity into the online store. 


Automated Services


In the future of e-commerce, automated service systems like chatbots will be increasingly more prevalent. They are already popular and frequently used. 


The machines can recognize the customer's demands and interact with him fast and forcefully by implementing specific keywords or even by using artificial intelligence. The customer support landscape will shift dramatically if you include chatbots in your online store. 


Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Consumers are becoming more aware of and appreciative of businesses that emphasize sustainable consumption and social responsibility. Because of this, a lot of businesses are placing their bets on the careful use of natural resources and the elimination of particular materials, primarily plastic. They also spend money on eco-friendly initiatives like planting trees. 


Cause marketing, such as supporting NGOs, is another developing trend. O Poland is a project with that objective in mind. It links businesses to charitable endeavors and gives customers the option of selecting an action to which a portion of their purchase will be donated. 


The fact that numerous businesses have already used the service and achieved improved retention rates and sales conversions is evidence that customers are in favor of this kind of behavior.


Voice Search and Commerce


Voice technologies are advancing quickly, are now a part of everyday e-commerce, and will become a more prevalent trend in future online buying. 


The fastest-growing sales channel in the US is voice commerce or voice shopping. Voice assistants like Alexa can be used to make purchases from Amazon there, and this will soon be a reality in our country as well. 


Online Shopping Trends


Additionally, it is fairly typical for customers to visit search engines like Google and Bing and conduct voice searches for products both internationally and domestically. 




The continued development of infrastructure and technology suggests that e-commerce will continue to grow more dynamic and scalable in the future. 


Therefore, updating and preparing are required to handle the difficulties posed by developments in e-commerce. However, by utilizing the patterns discussed here, you will undoubtedly be successful! 


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