Gaming Startup Ampverse to Establish Cutting-edge Studio in India

Neha Borah

24th Aug'23
Gaming Startup Ampverse to Establish Cutting-edge Studio in India | OpenGrowth

Singapore's groundbreaking gaming startup, Ampverse, has unveiled its strategic intention to establish a gaming studio in India, marking a significant leap in its global expansion endeavors. The announcement was made by Ampverse's Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Charlie Baillie, during an exclusive interview with PTI. The company's expansion blueprint is set to unfold through a dynamic joint venture in collaboration with DMI Finance.


Ampverse Teams Up with DMI to Launch Innovative Gaming Studio in India

With content creation being a pivotal aspect of Ampverse's operations, the company's investment in the upcoming studio stands as a testament to its commitment to innovation and growth. As the company advances into the future, it aims to cultivate diverse capabilities to enrich its offerings. Baillie emphasized, "It will be set up before the end of season 1 (of the College Rivals esports tournament) which is scheduled for February. College Rival is our inaugural IP. Beyond this milestone, we have our sights set on crafting original content IPs and exploring new esports formats while continuing to nurture College Rival."

Baillie's announcement was made on the sidelines of the grand inauguration of the eagerly awaited esports tournament, College Rivals. The event is anticipated to witness participation from an impressive 80,000 students during its inaugural season. Baillie highlighted that the tournament's platform is ingeniously designed to serve as a talent scouting arena, facilitating the identification of the most skilled gamers within its fold.

A distinctive feature of Ampverse's India expansion strategy is the introduction of a gaming truck, a collaboration between Ampverse and DMI Finance. This mobile gaming hub is poised to traverse major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad, offering an immersive gaming experience to enthusiasts across the nation.

Furthermore, Ampverse and DMI are set to unlock new avenues in the realm of e-commerce. Collaborative efforts will manifest in the creation of a range of products and merchandise tailored to cater to the preferences of the burgeoning gaming community.

Ampverse's Indian journey commences with a modest team of 8-10 employees. However, the company's visionary plans entail bolstering its workforce to approximately 50 employees within the next 12-18 months, a testament to its commitment to fostering local talent and contributing to the dynamic landscape of India's gaming industry. As the gaming industry continues to witness unprecedented growth, Ampverse's strategic expansion sets the stage for innovative narratives and captivating experiences in the world of gaming.


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