13 Gifts for Coworkers That Everyone in The Office Wants

Manali Mehrishi

20th Dec'22
13 Gifts for Coworkers That Everyone in The Office Wants | OpenGrowth

When it comes to corporate gifting, Christmas gifts are absolute winners. It's a happy time of the year and a great way to show appreciation and gratitude to the employees. Gifts are a great way to make employees feel valued and appreciated. It fosters a positive working environment and strengthens work relationships. Buy thoughtful and appropriate gifts to show that you genuinely care. 


Now, what you give office staff for Christmas is a more complex question than picking out gifts for your family and friends, as there are budget restrictions, and each colleague has a unique personality. To make your job easier, we have listed 13 Christmas gifts for co-workers that are practical and loved by everyone.

What do you give office staff for Christmas?

1. Travel mugs



Who doesn’t love their favorite beverage on the go? Anyone can use a travel mug at any time of the day, and your travel-enthusiast workmates will love it even more. You can also fill the cups with chocolates and engrave them with a special message to add a personal touch.


2. Smart charging hub


Too many wires can make the work desk look messy. Gift your staff something practical that will maximize their productivity. They can charge their phone, earphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets without cluttering wires.


3. Small desk plants



Indoor plants revitalize the workspace and also bring serenity and a sense of calm. Whether you gift a peace lily or a money plant, these adorable potted plants make for a great Christmas gift.


4.  Assorted chocolates


When it comes to edible gifts, chocolates are always a favorite. An assortment of different flavors will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. It’s the perfect Christmas indulgence.


5.  Books


Books are not only a thoughtful gift but are also thought-provoking. Gift the recipient books based on their personalities. Books are affordable and last a lifetime. An appropriate book will be cherished by the recipient forever.


6. Artwork




Motivational wall art or a photo frame with an inspirational and warm message will be a keeper for many years. Meaningful art is a very thoughtful gift for any occasion.


7. Tea assortments


In many cultures gifting tea signifies wishing for good health. It’s a warm and soothing gift. There are numerous tea flavors like chamomile, lemon, mint, and rose. You can also go for a mini teapot or a teacup set. If your colleague isn't a tea buff, they can always use the pots for decor.


8. Scarf




Gifting clothing is not advisable for office staff, but scarves are an exception. There’s no size issue, it looks stylish, and the wearer can use them for many years. It makes for a timeless and warm heirloom item. Choose neutral colors and subtle tones for your coworkers.


9. Desk Accessories


You can gift your staff many great workspace accessories like a customized pen holder, a modern calendar, a sophisticated mouse pad, or a mini shelf. Cord protectors and cord detanglers are also great gifts to keep the cables and wires from detangling.


10. Gourmet gifts



Mini gourmet baskets are a win-win for any occasion. Prepare an assortment of sweet and savory snacks like cheddar popcorn, cookies, caramelized nuts, pretzels, cheese bites, exotic truffles, and mini cakes..the list is endless here.


11. Handy gadgets


Gadgets can impress even the most difficult to “shop-for-person” as tech solves practical day-to-day problems. Opt for a small handy device for the office staff. Nowadays, we have unlimited options like portable photo printers, reusable notebooks, self-cleaning water bottles, portable speakers, and hand-held vacuum cleaners.


12. Journal/Diary


Journals are universally appealing. Even your non-writer colleagues would love to pen down something in it. It’s a great way to wish someone wellness and happy thoughts.


13. Gift cards


Gift cards are your savior when you can’t find the right gift for someone. They are flexible and practical gifts. It will give people the freedom to buy anything they want and give you the satisfaction of gifting well.


We hope the list will help you find the right gift for your office staff. But before you begin Christmas shopping,  Do you know what the 3 Christmas gift rule is?



Simply put, it's the limit on the number of gifts we give each person. This rule is adapted and modified as per modern times. Each family has a version of this rule. Historically speaking, Jesus was given 3 Christmas gifts by Wise men. Gold signified something valuable, Frankincense-something spiritual, and  Myrahh- something for the body. The following is a very practical and modern approach that reasonates with me the most:


Consider these 3 things before buying someone a gift:

1. What is it that someone wants?

2. What do they need?

3. What can we give someone to read?


In many households, this rule helps to limit financial expenditure and gift something more meaningful. Next time you buy a Christmas present, do ponder over these rules.


Key Takeaways


  • Christmas gifts are about warmth and connection. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy the staff gifts but don’t go cheap either. Be thoughtful and add a personal touch.

  • Consider each employee’s age and other factors before buying them a present.

  • The gifts should not have a hidden message or display self-promotion.

  • Seasonal gifts from the company motivate employees and enhance their productivity. Its a great way to foster team building and team bonding.


A gift can be anything from something personalized, practical, or edible. It is your effort and thought that counts. Now that you know what to give office staff for Christmas and what to consider while buying gifts, we wish you luck on your shopping spree.



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