Global Trends in European EdTech

Sudeshna Dutta

22nd Oct'20
Global Trends in European EdTech | OpenGrowth

London is the main EdTech hub in Europe in accordance with a new lookup posted by London & Partners and Dealroom, to coincide with London Tech Week 2020.


Global Trends in European EdTech


Global Trends in EdTech from a London Perspective explores EdTech VC-led funding tendencies since 2014, comparing international locations and cities in terms of deal price and deal count, and considering the influence of coronavirus on the accelerated adoption of EdTech and the boom of the sector.


The record exhibits that London is the top spot for EdTech funding in Europe, proposing the sole European metropolis in the world EdTech top 10 through complete VC funding value. To know how to refer to this link:

London leads European EdTech revolution:

Ranking of UK


The UK capital comes in eighth globally, with $630m invested into London-based EdTech businesses for 2014. China dominates the top 5 rankings, with Beijing taking the highest spot and Shanghai in third, whilst San Francisco and Bangalore come in 2nd and fourth respectively.


Last year, London-based EdTech agencies raised a complete $124m in VC investment, before Paris with $92m and Berlin’s $67m. London’s EdTech ecosystem is additionally the biggest in Europe, with an estimated cost of $3.4bn. Paris EdTech ecosystem is really worth $1.9bn, whilst Berlin’s is $0.8bn.


Amongst EdTech funding offers in Europe, London’s EdTech startups have constantly raised greater funding rounds than any different metropolis seeing that in 2017. This 12 months so far, London leads with 15 deals, accompanied by Paris (10), Berlin (6), and Dublin (1). Comparing international cities for deals to be counted in 2020, the UK capital ranks fourth at the back of San Francisco, Bangalore, New York, and beforehand Beijing.


The high deal suggests a good-sized boom in advance for London’s EdTech sector, as early-stage startups improve modern applied sciences and apps for mastering and development.

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