Going It Alone: Solo travel on the Rise

Manali Mehrishi

29th Dec'22
Going It Alone: Solo travel on the Rise | OpenGrowth

Solo traveling is on the rise and seeing an upward trend. According to statistical data from travel companies, Around 18% of global bookings are by solo tourists, and 76% of travelers are mulling solo travel for their next trip. On average solo travelers spend more days on vacation than group travelers, owing to the freedom of schedules and remote working. 

It’s an adventure to travel alone. There’s no interdependence of time, budget, and choice of location, you can plan your trip exactly as you want. Another great advantage of traveling alone is self-connection and community association. While traveling alone, you spend more time with yourself and nature. It's like having a therapeutic experience. You also tend to mingle with other people and learn something new about their culture. Who knows, you pick a few words from a foreign language too. In my opinion, solo traveling is an enriching experience.

But have you wondered why solo travel is on the increase and if is it normal to go on a vacation by yourself, or is it even safe to travel alone, especially for women? Well, we’ll answer all your questions in this article and give you tips on planning a solo trip.

Why solo travel is on the increase

Choosing personal freedom

why solo travel is on the increase

I know it's great to travel with your friends and family, but a solo trip has its perks. People need that break and freedom to go on a solo adventure. There’s no clash of timetables, schedules, food preferences, etc. Some people like to see the rising sun, while some go to bed at dawn. Some people prefer beaches and others like mountains. While traveling alone, you are free to explore the place at your pace and as per your liking.

Women empowerment

The trends suggest women are choosing to travel alone more than ever, owing to financial independence and the freedom to decide for themselves. Women empowerment plays a significant role in the rise of solo women travelers. And where there’s demand, there’s supply, lots of travel startups and agencies have come up in the past several years that cater only to women travelers. It ensures women's safety and establishes a bond with like-minded women. There are specific tours that are age-based, location-based, and preference-based for women. There are women travel entrepreneurs too. 

Women are capable enough to accomplish anything on their own. Thankfully, the world is maturing and enabling them to make these choices. Reaching the top of a mountain and exploring Europe on a train is a part of that choice. Interestingly this trend is seeing an upward trend and is rising more rapidly. As a woman, it gives me immense pleasure to write about this trend, and I can’t wait to plan my solo trip.


Technology has played a prominent role in the rise of solo travel. Even while being alone, our smartphones give us the assurance that we can connect instantly with each other. There are trackers for safety and access to information. It creates both awareness and connection.

As a sub-part of technological innovation, social media has also played its part in the rise of solo travel. When people see pictures of their acquaintances enjoying a solo trip, they want a similar experience. Several travel blogs, tips, and other vital information are available on the internet for solo travelers. 

Flexible work schedules 

why solo travel is on the increase

As an extension of technological innovation, remote working has also enabled longer solo trips. People can work from anywhere in the world for a few hours and enjoy the rest of their time exploring a new place and having unique experiences. It's not just solo travel remote working has increased the “work and travel” culture altogether, perhaps due to a pent-up need to travel after the pandemic. 

A sense of community

People want to connect with like-minded people who enjoy similar adventures. Climbing a mountain together or taking a deep sea dive establishes long-lasting connections. 

Most travel companies nowadays offer tours and packages that cater to a specific group of people with matching hobbies and interests. It fosters a sense of bonding and camaraderie. 

Tips for solo travelers

  • Research well about the company that you are traveling with and the destination you are going to. Don’t depend solely on your travel agency's info guide.

  • Share your travel details and itinerary with friends and family, and stay connected throughout the trip.

  • When going abroad, look for services that sign you up with your country’s embassy and help you in case of emergency or any unforeseen happening.

  • Be prepared with a backup plan and carry essential medical supplies, bottled water, and other essentials. Be aware of the nearest hospital and police station.

  • Don’t ignore inappropriate behavior, and report any suspicious behavior immediately.


Traveling alone is not as complex as it seemed a few years ago. The world is changing rapidly regarding digitalization, cultural awareness, and independence. Here's a guide for you to travel full time.

Solo travel is not just a fad or a trend on social media. It indicates development and freedom, especially for women. It's a fulfilling experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. So what’s keeping you from planning your solo trip go on and take the plunge!

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