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Nowadays, digital technology has secured a significant role in the advancement of every sector of the economy. Of late, we have noticed its most disruption in the Education sector. The year 2020 has shifted the education landscape across the nation.

Google made waves recently by declaring its new program, "Google Career Certificates," a variety of courses designed to assist participants get qualifications in high-paying, high-growth job fields without going to university.

Learn more about the aids given by Google to make these programs available to all at: Google certification courses 


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What is Google Career Certification?

Google has confirmed the launch of a selection of professional courses that educate applicants how to conduct in-demand jobs. Google declares its certificate programs are "product agnostic and designed to enable people land jobs at any company, across any sector."
Each certificate is formulated by Google employees who work in these areas. The courses will prepare participants with the crucial skills needed to get and achieve in an entry-level job. These certificates will take nearly six months to be complete, and no degree or preliminary experience is needed. 

As Google is a household name, its certificate can be effortlessly recognized and accepted across companies and industries--much like a degree from a major university.

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Benefits of Online Certifications

There are numerous advantages of online education which has encouraged students to pursue online certification. Indeed, online certificate programs give greater flexibility and disclosure as compared to the traditional teaching schools. They provide you with concentrated classes, provided in a cost-effective and convenient way to strengthen the practical abilities.

Online certification programs promote more awareness from teachers and classmates, teaching important life lessons of time supervision and self-discipline. To ensure lifelong knowledge and professional development, online certification programs enable students to abreast with the market trend and improve their aptitudes.

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