Google's Nest Renew Program: A step Towards Clean Energy

Roshni Khatri

7th Oct'22
Google's Nest Renew Program: A step Towards Clean Energy | OpenGrowth

Several people are eager to live more sustainably and help address one of our generation's most crucial challenges: Climate Change. At Nest, we can take small and simple steps to live sustainably, as it is a great way to start. 


More than 80 billion kWh of energy was saved at home thanks to Nest thermostats, which is enough to power 23 million electric cars for a year. 


But I know we want to do more to save our planet and natural resources. However, it is a problem for all of us from where to start and whether we are creating any change or not. 


That's why Nest Renew is announced by Google, as it is a service for your Nest thermoset. It makes it easy to support a clean energy future right from home. 

This article will briefly discuss Google's Nest Renew program and how it can help you use more clean energy.


What is Google's Nest Renew Program?

Nest Renew is a service that makes it simple to support renewable energy at home for your compatible Nest thermostat. It integrates with your Nest thermostat to assist you in automatically shifting your usage to times when your grid is cleaner or electricity is more affordable. Aside from Google, you should also know about the 10 biggest recycling companies in the world as they have taken a step ahead towards a greener environment. 


Google's nest renew program


In other words, Nest Renew makes it easy to track the positive differences you make in the environment and across the nation. Nest Renew is free to join, and with just $10 per month, you can extend the positive impact even with the Premium that can match the fossil fuel electricity used in your home. 


In other words, with Nest Thermostat, you can lower the carbon footprint by shifting the energy use to times when the electricity comes from carbon-free sources. Moreover, this program can save you cost by enabling you to use energy at less expensive times. 


Exploit Your Nest Thermostat to Promote Renewable Energy

Employing Nest thermostats has always improved the comfort and efficiency of heating and cooling your house. With the addition of the Energy Shift feature in Nest Renew, they can now accomplish even more. 


Our homes are powered by various energy sources that change depending on the time of day; frequently, these sources include clean energy like solar and wind farms and, maybe less, fossil fuel-based energy such as gas and coal.


Without sacrificing comfort, Energy Shift helps you automatically shift your heating and cooling electricity usage to occasions when your grid is cleaner. Additionally, it can change the thermostat's schedule so that it operates even more effectively during the summer and winter. 


The power cost varies depending on some providers' time of day. Energy Shift can help you save money if you have a plan like automatically rerouting usage to more affordable energy intervals. 


How Does Nest Renew Calculate Your Savings?

You can conserve energy in several ways with your Nest thermostat. For instance, you can turn on Household Assist and set an efficient temperature when you're away or sleeping. 


Additionally, you can always manually set your thermostat to an efficient setting or turn it off entirely. To calculate your savings, we compare the time your heating or cooling system operated to when we think it would have operated if it had been kept at a constant, pleasant temperature.


By examining your thermostat's usage over the previous year, you may identify these suitable temperatures. However, they might alter as you behave differently over time. We provide your monthly savings; however, EnergyStar only computes annual savings. 


Thus this computation is an adaptation of the EPA's procedure for evaluating the energy savings of EnergyStar-certified thermostats.


Cost of Nest Renew

The Nest Renew service has two levels: cost-free Basic and Premium, which costs $10 per month and are only offered in a few places. All of the features found in Basic are also included in Premium, along with Clean Energy Match, a service through which Google acquires renewable energy credits (RECs) according to the anticipated amount of fossil fuel-generated electricity used in your house. 


How do I opt out of Nest renew


To provide a more comprehensive picture, Premium also includes a single monthly energy bill that combines your Nest Renews cost and regular utility fees.


When Can I Get Nest Renew?

In an early preview, Nest Renew will soon be available to select owners of the different thermostat models, who will receive invitations from Google. Besides this, At, you can join the waiting list. 


The duration of this preview program and the release date of Nest Renew has not yet been announced by Google. 


Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Nest Renew?

Giving over climate control to a smart thermostat has always been a bit of a Catch-22. While it's true that you want to use less energy and pay less each month, you also don't want to freeze on a chilly winter night. 


Energy Shift may occasionally become overly concerned with saving money, which could cause discomfort or difficulty. Explicitly stating that you can ignore anything you don't like because everything is up to you. Therefore, there is probably no danger in trying it. And it also enables you to live in a safe world.


Thus the flurry of environmentally conscious initiatives made by Google today shows a sustained dedication to the "carbon-free future" that CEO Sundar Pichai wrote about a year ago.


Pichai stated, "our third decade of climate action. It shows that Google intends to run on carbon-free energy, assist more than 500 cities in reducing 1 gigaton of carbon emissions, and help its partners do the same by 2030.


How do I opt out of Nest renew


To support Google users in making better educated, environmentally responsible decisions, various enhancements were made to Search, Maps, and other Google products today, including Nest Renew.



Renew Premium, which will initially only be offered for $10 per month in a few U.S. regions, will be available in all of the continental U.S. for free. If you have a third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat, the Nest Thermostat E, or the most recent Nest Thermostat connected to a Google account, you can use Nest Renew.


Thus this Nest Renew program is to protect the globe where we live as we have to fulfill our ethical obligation to preserve the planet from the carbon effects. Besides this, we should follow the trends for the environment and sustainability to save natural resources for the upcoming generations. 


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