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Google's New Document Management Tool Can Save Your Time and Effort

Sudeshna Dutta

6th Dec'20
Google's New Document Management Tool Can Save Your Time and Effort | OpenGrowth

Manually extorting facts from complicated files at scale can be a time-ingesting system which is why Google Cloud has introduced its new Document AI (DocAI) platform. The unified console for account processing permits corporations to use the power of AI to automate the technique of remodeling files into structured files.


Google’s DocAI platform can help meet customer expectations

With the DocAI platform, which is presently reachable in preview, agencies can make sure their accounts are correct and submissive, make higher commercial enterprise selections, and use their facts to meet customer expectations. Read more.

 In a weblog put up by DocAI, Google stated that one of its clients was in a position to expand statistics, seize accuracy by way of 250 percentage and decrease the TCO of procure-to-pay processing charges by up to 60% of the usage of the new platform.


Visit Cloud DocAI platform here.


Google's new document management tool OpenGrowth


Google ads for startups

Google AdWords has formed its way as a promising platform. It assists all sorts of startups and businesses to reach a huge number of clients and connect with them worldwide. Google ads for these startups are doing exceptionally well in the marketing sector and have helped many aspiring entrepreneurs to benefit their business. Google ads are the best-tailored tool to reach their potential audience and achieve their objectives. Read more about Google Ads for startups at OpenGrowth.


Using Google’s DocAI platform for easier workflow

With Google Cloud's new DocAI platform, agencies can shortly get admission to all parser equipment and options consisting of Lending DocAI and Procurement DocAI with a centralized API that permits for straightforward introduction and customization of report processing workflows.

To get started with the use of the new platform, customers will first have to create an account processor. While you can use the company's widely widespread processors such as Form Parser, you can additionally take gain of specialized processors such as Google's W9 Parser for domain-specific documents. After growing a processor, they can be seen in a unified dashboard and examined by way of importing your personal account immediately in the console.


All you need to know about Google Workspace for making workflow easier

Google Cloud has launched Google Workspace, a modern identity that shows a new integrated product experience, along with new versions to buy tailored to customers' needs. Google Workspace brings in messaging, meetings, slides, docs, sheets, and is built with trusted Google security and is powered by the best cloud in the business of Google.  Read more about Google Workspace for making workflow easier.


Google's new document management tool OpenGrowth


What renowned personalities have to say about the DocAI platform

In their weblog post, product supervisor of Document AI Lewis Liu and product advertising supervisor Yang Liang granted a number of examples of how the platform can be used to extract accounts from a W9 shape as well as from an invoice. When it got here to the invoice, DocAI used to be capable of extracting the dealer name, bill date, fee phrases, and different facts from the file automatically.


What is OCR in the DocAI platform?

Currently, standard parsers such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Form parser, and Document splitter are publicly accessible however customers can additionally request to get entry to specialized parsers for a variety of archives along with W9, 1040, W2, 1099-MISC, 1003, and different types as well as for invoices and certificates. Read more about OCR in DocAI platform.


Google is using Recycled Materials in All of Its Products

Shedding light on the idea of recycled materials in this year's Made by Google hardware, the Tech giant describes that the back of the Pixel 5 is made up of 100% recycled aluminum, the Nest new Nest Audio comprises 70 % recycled plastics.

Google also updated its main goal and is committed to using renewable material in at least 60 percent of all the plastic used across all hardware sectors of Google by the year 2025.  Read more about Google Now Uses Recycled Materials in All Its Products.


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