Great FinTech Writers To Add In Your Reading List

Neda Ali (Editor)

30th Nov'20
Great FinTech Writers To Add In Your Reading List | OpenGrowth

What is Fintech?

Financial technology, also known as fintech, is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient. Financial technology companies are generally start-ups founded to disrupt incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software.” Great Fintech writers describe any company that provides financial services through software or other technology and includes anything from mobile payment apps to cryptocurrency.

Fintech brought a significant change in an industry that as recently as the last few years back viewed great fintech writers firms as competitors but 2014 was the fuelling year, 2015 was at the explosion and 2016 started with less speed compared to 2015 with greater emphasis on stability.


FinTech books to read


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What is Fintech? Uses and examples in 2020

Fintech is a term used to describe financial technology, an industry encompassing any kind of technology in financial services - from businesses to consumers. Broadly, great fintech writers describe any company using the internet, mobile devices, software technology, or cloud services to perform or connect with financial services. Many fintech products are designed to connect consumers' finances with technology for ease of use. 

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a portmanteau of the terms “finance” and “technology” and refers to any business that uses technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes. The term is a broad and rapidly growing industry serving both consumers and businesses. From mobile banking and insurance to cryptocurrency and investment apps, fintech has broad applications. 


Best FinTech Books

FinTech here to stay and everyone from banks to technology giants and from governments to entrepreneurs needs it. Career opportunities in FinTech and related fields are growing at a rapid pace, led by cybersecurity, payments, RegTech, Robo-advisory, blockchain, and so on.  All about Fintech and corporations world whose line of business combines software and technology to deliver financial services – will reshape and improve finance by cutting costs and expanding access to financial services.


FinTech Writers


FinTech companies can create a more diverse and stable credit landscape by gathering data from social media and other sources to assess the needs of young businesses and borrowers on the fringes of the banking system. A strategic planning process and framework that illustrates how it starts with the enterprise environment and subsequently collects and analyses all information about the context and company to formulate their strategies.

To know in-depth about something new, reading is the best way. Books are available on every topic and every idea.


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Fintech books everyone should read in 2020

Books by the world’s leading experts offer extensive insights not only about the best current practices but also about the future of the industry. To know the top 10 Fintech books everyone should read in 2020, Click here.

13 best new Fintech books 

As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc – BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on recommendations by thought leaders and experts. 


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Great Fintech Writers to add to your reading list

If you are looking for great FinTech writers to add to your reading list, click here:


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